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Moon Guard
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Arrick was sitting in the Cabin of the Blue Blade. He was finally spending time catching up on correspondence and letters from Hi men and the Bad Dog’s contracts. “Bills?” He shakes his head. “Never thought I would be paying bills” The wind began to blow across the airship’s deck. Arrick sniffed the air his hears perked. He made his way out on deck. Form his ships vantage point over the mountains he could see Stomrwind well.

The city at night still made him smile, but this dark odd scent in the air haunted him keeping him from admiring that view. He sniffed the air again the scent was old and evil that was all he could get. The hair on his neck stood on end. He scanned the city with his yes knowing there was nothing he could see.

“There is trouble brewing.” He said to himself just as a messenger bird landed on the deck. Arrick took the note from the bird letting it fly off back to his contacts in the Cathedral. He carefully read the note. He folded it up then looked over the city again. “Dark days again.” He blinked again a few more times sniffing the air. He jumped over the deck of the ship calling his Red flying clod below him. With a somber howl he makes his way to Stormwind..
If someone were to eat tainted food or water they would experience the following symptoms:

Early: (5-10min of infection)
Green discoloration of skin
Severe sweating and couging

Middle: (30-45min of infection)
Green tinted vision
A sensitivity to healing magic

Late: (45min + of infection)
Pustules of fel gas on the skin
A thirst for fel tainted food or water
Eventual death (Note: No one will die unless they want to.)

Cures: (Only useable during Early and Middle stages)

Moonwell water/Moonglow
Healing magic
Other (revealed later)
Arathan strolled out of the cathedral, heading to the graveyard for some nightly business. He is putting a bandage over a deep cut on one of his arms, and as he pulls the cloth with his mouth to tighten it, notices something strange in the middle of the square, though it is hidden by shadows. He gives the thing a strange look, finishing his mending of the wound and taking his sword from his side. He trudged over to the fountain, only the slightest sound of his footsteps being audible in the night, a hint of worry on his face. He finally comes to see what it is, and steps back in horror, seeing the decayed elk head desecrating his old master's statue, and pouring foul liquid into the waters, turning them a filthy green. Arathan peers at the note, reading it and pondering in shock at what this message could truly entail. He gazes around, trying to see who did this, and starts to hear whispers, an aura of darkness around him. He turns towards an alley, looking upon a pair of eyes that quickly disappear as soon as they had shown. Arathan follows them, but only finds a darkened alleyway, nothing being heard but talking along the lit canals.
"By the Light, who could have done this?" He looks back towards the cathedral. "Ramallen may know something about all of this, if I have a hunch about what he said." Arathan then gazes back to the darkness in which the cultists disappeared. "But even if he doesn't, I'll do something about it." He runs into the shadows of the city, leaving where he once was to the silence of the night.
((I apologize if anything I wrote didn't make sense. I'm not the best writer ever ahhh.))

Once again, today was a seemingly normal day for Stormwind. The city bustled with it's usual activity. Someone, somewhere, is trying to be a merchant in the Trade District. Someone, somewhere, is drowning their sorrows in ale. Someone, somewhere, had something they had or wanted to do.

Stepping out of her home, the 'mage', Sharlynna Merin, took a stroll around the city for a short while, stopping by the Blue Recluse to meet with a friend. That friend would be a certain Strael Windsley. She sat in one of the chairs by the door and waited, watching patrons of the tavern come and go. She eyed the mailbox curiously, something inside had piqued her interest.

A letter poked out of the mailbox, as if it had been forced inside. She rose to a stand and moved towards the mailbox, attempting to gently remove the letter and observe it's content. It didn't want to move, it was like it was stuck on something. The last thing she wanted to do was rip the letter.

"Hello, Sharlynna!" A voice called out to her and she nearly jumped out of her own skin. Sharlynna turned around, her eyes falling upon a familiar figure. "H-Hello, Strael." She replied.

"What are you doing?" Strael asked, walking over to where Sharlynna stood. She pointed to the letter sticking out of the mailbox, "I found this."

Strael eyed the mailbox curiously, "Are you sifting through someone else's mail?"

"No! I was trying to get that letter out of the mailbox."

"So basically, you were sifting through someone else's mail." Rolling his eyes, Strael walked over to the mailbox as Sharlynna stepped aside. "Why didn't you just open the mailbox?"

"...I didn't think I had to?" Sharlynna shrugged. Strael sighed, picking up the key that was left nearby the mailbox at all times. Unlocking the mailbox's hatch, he pulled it open only for the two friends to instantly reel back from a horrid stench being let loose as the letter fell to the ground. A small chunk of green tinted, foul smelling flesh paired with a piece of wheat lingered inside of the mailbox.

"Who-- who does that?!" Strael shouted, disgusted at what was found inside of the mailbox. Several people came running out of the tavern, only to regret doing so afterwards as they held their noses and trudged away in disgust. The entire time, Sharlynna was frozen in shock, ignoring the noises of the gathering crowd around the two of them. It took a moment of hesitation before she finally picked the fallen letter off of the ground, slowly reading it aloud.

It has started, it has begun
Soon my clan shall have their fun
Our claws shall rend, our hooves shall crush
All your dreams shall turn to dust
We begin to plague and plot
Tainting your forgotten in fields of golden stalks
This is the will of the Shadowhorn Clan

When it was finished, she felt the creeping urge to discard the letter, but something drove her to hold onto it. Looking down at her hands, she noticed they were trembling with the letter in their tight grip. "What do I do with this?" The question lingered in Sharlynna's mind. The small noisy crowd of tavern patrons began whispering among themselves.

"Did you see what happened to the Cathedral's fountain today?"

"The waters were tinted green, tainted by the blood of corrupted creatures."

"It smelled so horrible... just like this!"

"Do you think it's related...?"

Overhearing the rumors that the two situations could be related, Sharlynna sprinted off, leaving Strael behind in the haze of confusion and shock. He shouted at her, calling out her name and questioning her actions, but she didn't care enough to listen.

Whatever was going on, she was, once again, driven to find out.
Hears a commotion outside of the Cathedral, she decides she should begin her guard route early. Slowly she moves out of the doors, glancing up at the sky dawn just breaking. She surveys the square around her. Eyes growing wide as they come to stop upon the Elk head, and the foul water below. She takes a few strides forward to inspect it, once reading the note she quickly returns to the Cathedral to inform her superiors.
Sits on the wall listening to the report and the murmuring of those around her. She sighs softly and shakes her head. "This is a strange world now. People sending tainted flesh in the mail. It must be another bunch of crazed cultists coming out of the shadows. I wonder who or what they are worshiping now?!" She mutters before hopping off the wall to return to her engineering.
Syngyn stretched and shook the sleep of himself before plunging into Stormwind lake and swimming across to The Square. Thoughts of breakfast were quickly dashed as he heard the ruckus about. Opening his mail he sighs," Here we go again."
Kisara walks into the Cathedral Square, her direhorn, Trikentis, at her side, and notices the scent coming off of the people in the Square. "Hmm. I wonder what's got everyone in a panic this time." She walks by the fountain, keeping her ears open for any news from the people worriedly conversing with each other. As she sits down on a familiar planter, she hears the words "fel tainted", "fountain", "infected child", and "corrupted flesh". Sighing at these troubling signs, another, all too familiar scent, assaults her sensitive nose. One coming from the fountain itself. "Light. It looks like Stormwind has itself a serious problem this time. I may have to get involved, no matter how much I want to stay out of it." She reaches out to pet Trikentis, and the direhorn gives a deep croon of pleasure. "I just hope Viida can stay out of it."

((I do want to get involved in this rp, no matter what Kisara just said. She stays out of major problems due to IC reasons, but that doesn't mean she can't be dragged into them. :P ))
Luneia is asleep in her bed in the small room she has at the Kalmar home, but it isn't a restful sleep. Sometime in the middle of the night, they turn from the typical restful, calm dreams to one filled with something tinted a foul green flowing towards a jumping pool of water. When the green tinged liquid touches the water, a cry of a sort, almost a wail, fills the dream space, until it is almost deafening, almost as if the very water is crying for help. But before she can try and find the source of the wail, she feels a hand tugging on her shoulder. She tries to brush it away, but it returns, more urgently. Suddenly, she jolts awake, sitting up in her bed, breathing heavily. She looks around quickly, and spies six of the children of the Kalmar household standing by her bedside, all of them giving her a worried look. One of them, a little human girl named Aranbel, looks up at Luneia.

"Miss Luney, are you okay? You were crying and moving around like you were having a bad dream? Were you? We were worried, we couldn't get you awake." Five other heads nod vigorously in agreement with the little girl's words.

Luneia rubs her hand over her face, and manages to calm her heart and her breathing, then gives the children a reassuring smile.

"Yes, younglings, I did have a bad dream. Thank you for waking me from it."

The children all seem relieved, but do not seem to be in any hurry to leave the room. Little Mikkel, a year younger than Aranbel, looks at the others, then back and Luneia, and says "Miss Luney, we can stay and sleep with you tonight...you know, to help if you have any other bad dreams." Once more, a sea of small heads nods in agreement. Luneia chuckles softly, but nods her head and, before she could blink, her bed is swarmed by a half dozen young human children. Everyone is quickly arranged, and soon the children all drift off to sleep. But Luneia finds that sleep has trouble finding her again, as the dream keeps playing over and over in her head.

"Something has happened...the waters are calling for help...I will have to see if I can discover what has happened...." She pauses in her contemplation and eyes the children surrounding her in the bed. "Well, first thing in the morning, I am thinking." She lays back against her pillow and manages to go back into a deep, restful sleep, devoid of nightmares.
Location: Unknown

The Shadowhorn clan's ranks formed with pristine precision, as if they simply broke off in tethered fragments from the darkness. Glowing violet eyes gazed out over a long expanse of land, clawed hands armed with sickled blades, daggers, and dangerous magics. Their horns glowed in the moonlight, marking them not as humanoid or beast...

..But something more. Something formed of Darkness itself. A singular figure rose from the ranks, older and yet far stronger than the rest. While others of the clan had violet eyes, this one's radiant orbs glowed a malevolent and bloodied red.

"Our ancient enemy, far from these lands." he said, "The humans and their allies, blind to our might!"

The satyr stomped their hooves on the ground, as if beating the earth back with their very presence.

"We have raised an army! Their very land has nurtured our strength..their forgotten fill our ranks, sowing terror and corruption across the earth."

The red-eyed leader gestured to the army behind his fellow clanspeople, creatures shambling, writhing in the darkness. Their eyes glowed a feral, sickly green.

The leader smiled in glee "These heroes value mercy, valor...watch as these things betray them.."

Far away, in a small region of hidden caves and rolling hills, a figure quickly opened it's silver eyes, letting out a low moan of terror. The figure rolled over, shaking its head as if banishing a nightmare.

"Must help..protect friends.."

Panic began to spread in the city of Stormwind as the people gathered food, water, and medical supplies. People ran throughout the streets, ensuring they bought as much as they could in order to survive the coming Famine.

However, despite the feelings of dread and fear that strangled the city, a small messenger owl flew from home to home in the afternoon breeze. The owl's sharp talons gripped a myriad of tightly wound scrolls, which the owl deposited in a house or windowsill from time to time.

No one gave any heed to the owl, as many birds were seen traversing Stormwind's skies..but if one were to look closely at this particular messenger they would notice its silver tinted eyes.

The owl continued its work, depositing more letters throughout the city as it rode the breeze, dutifully continuing its mission.
(Thea is a cornerstone of perfect Fae health...puny fel famine not hurt strong Thea!)
I'm in, you know.. officially.
She watched the people around her closely. Watched the panic spread threw the city. The only time she had seen something similar to this was when the curse began to run rampant threw the city of Gilneas. "We better start gather supply's Skel. I feel history repeating itself once more." She muttered to her Felguard. She briefly caught sight of the owl but paid it no mind before running off to being gather what she would need.
Another message, completely unexpected as usual, found it's way to Sharlynna. Again, she picked up the letter with some hesitation.

She read it over and over, only to find that each time, she could not understand a single word of it. Sharlynna sighed as she walked towards the Trade District, carrying the letter in her hand.

The district seemed particularly panicked today. People were shouting for people to buy their wares to prepare for the coming days, crowds of panicked Stormwind citizens gathered outside of the various stores, buying edible food, clean water, and various other supplies.

She could only wonder what had caused this mass panic, but then again, she knew. It was rather obvious. Tainted fountain water, mutilated body parts and fleshy bits being left in mailboxes and various important sites in the city...

Sharlynna looked up into the sky, a particular owl caught her eye as it raced through the skies and placed letters by the windows and through the streets. She looked down at her own letter again curiously, before continuing on her way through the city, disregarding the owl.
Zalgrand had stared at the corrupt display at the fountain for quite some time. The old elf contemplating who was to blame for Stormwind's horrid security of late.

"At least I do not need to eat or drink personally." he thought to himself.
Luneia wakes up to a slightly more empty bed than she had gone to sleep in after being woken from the semi-nightmare the night before. Only two of the human children remained, one draped across her midsection, the other somehow having turned wrongways on the bed, his little foot stuck right up against her neck. She chuckles softly to herself and wakes the two, sending them on to their mothers as she gets herself ready for the day.

Not even an hour later, she leaves the home, after having given the family the advice to keep the children indoors today. She couldn’t give them specifics, only that she had a feeling something was off, but they trusted her, and forbade their children from leaving the home for the day.

One outside, Luneia moves to the canal and sits as close as she can to the water, closing her eyes and trying to see if she can home in on the source of the message from her dreams. She was sure that was what it was, a message from the elements that something was wrong, she just had to find what it was. After meditating for a time, all she is able to discover is a vague direction…towards the Cathedral Square. With this destination in mind, she dusts off her skirt and begins to walk, stopping momentarily at a mailbox to pick up her mail.

She flips through the various messages from friends and guildmates, flyers for Risza Brand Products (which she balls up and tucks away in her bag with a shake of her head), and a small box that rattles a bit when she shakes it. She continues on until she reaches the square…just in time to hear a child crying out. She hurries into the square, looking around quickly, but whoever was the source of the cry is not in sight. Her gaze falls on the fountain, and she finds what HAS to be the source of the dream. She moves forward slowly, her eyes taking in the horrific scene…jumping water tainted by the green blood flowing from the elk’s head that was atop the statue, just like in her dream. She gets within ten feet of the fountain, and can’t seem to force herself to move closer.

She stares at the fountain for a while, and then realizes that she is not the only one now looking at the fountain. She moves away from the gathered crowd, looking down at the box in her hand with foreboding. She slowly opens the box, and manages to not fling it to the ground at what she finds. She pulls on a pair of her oldest gloves and gingerly removes the letter from beneath the…thing…in the box and reads it.

Luneia stuffs the letter back into the box and closes it, tying it shut with one of the ribbons from her horns. When that is done, she begins walking again, this time towards the Gnews boxes in the Dwarven District. “Ramallen will want to hear of this…”
She let out a soft sigh a finally made her way home, the panic driven people clogging streets and ally ways. On either side of her were two of her minions. Skel her felgaurd hauling two barrels of water. On the other side was Thanlos her voidwalker who was holding bags of bread and dried cured meats.. As soon as she reached her door she stopped. On the door step was a box. From where she was could feel the taint pouring off of whatever was hidden within. After picking up the box she opened it, ignoring the waves of nausea that surged threw her she pulled out the note and read it. "It looks like I will be making another trip tonight. That Detective will need to know about this. "

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