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Moon Guard
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Prelude Recap: (Please post an IC response to the Prelude event if you participated.)

-Adventurer's met Rama's uncle, a druid permanently turned Moonkin named Baraan, who invited them for a short feast in the Nestlewood Hills

-Baraan explained that the "Ancient enemy" that was referred to in the Satyr's threats were not the Kaldorei, but his tribe of Moonkin.

-During the War of the Satyr, the Moonkin fought and defeated the Shadowhorn Clan of Satyr and were ferried to Azuremyst for safe keeping.

- The Satyr wish to continue their ancient war to corrupt the land of Azeroth, but far away from the Moonkin, to secure their victory. Hence they traveled to the Eastern Kingdoms.

-Now with most of Baraan's tribe too old to fight a battle across the sea, he has sent for various heroes to fight in the tribe's place, but shall need the aid of the Forest and Animal Spirits ( played by your favorite battle pets) who aided the Moonkin tribe in ages past.

-Hoofroo, a Moonkin hatchling and Baraan's student, was captured by Sindorei extremists and taken to Bloodmyst Isle to be used as a power source. (Moonkin can store arcane energy in themselves) . Hoofroo is needed to summon the Animal and Forest Spirits.

-After battling Sindorei archers, dealing with riddles from Voidwalkers, entering passwords to exploding Blood Crystals, and dealing with General Bloodcross's army of Sindorei, Hoofroo was recovered.

-Baraan and Hoofroo then summoned the Animal and Forest spirits to aid the mortal heroes in their fight against the Satyr.
The large caravan moved at a slow pace across Elwynn. It had set out the eve before with loads of Evergarde Bread and Dried and Salted Everstill Salmon. The ten carts seemed full to the brim with crates of food. Beside them trotting along at an equal pace were the heavily armored Knights of the Ridge, bearing the colors of Isenhammer.

Redridge had a blessed Harvest and had ample enough food for itself and for any other that needed it. Luckily the taint had not reached the blessed hills of the Ridge.

On the road, they were ambushed by a group of Satyr, those corrupted filth obviously wished to taint more of the food. They were fought back in a vile and vicious skirmish, half of them being slain under the Knights swords. A Knight lost his life that day. He lost his life, in hopes to help the desperate people of Stormwind be fed with uncorrupted food. Let his death not be in vain.

If rationed well, this would be able to sustain the people for a good few days.

((This is not a response to the prelude event, just merely a scene in reaction to having tainted food. I've been just really busy and haven't had time to post something. ))
Journal 14, entry 65: This group is an interesting bunch. Never have I seen such a ragtag band come together so fluidly. It's interesting enough, from a warring perspective. I was an active participant enough, even if my strategies were not put to their fullest. Otherwise I've set guards around all of the waterways, and hopefully those won't become an issue.
Björn sat in his room in Nighthaven going over a few letters from other dignitaries and diplomats. There was a knock at the door as the human got up and opened it. A Cenarion messenger handed him a letter which he nodded and took.

He opened it and read it over with a huffed. He then noticed the piece of flesh and stalk of wheat. He picked up the stalk and sniffed it. As he did so Thea landed on the desk and looked at the wheat as well. "Here...you're velcome." He handed the wheat to the fae as she chewed and gnawed on it, swallowing it with a squeak. As for the flesh and letter he folded it back up and threw it into the fire.

"Vell...more fan mail it seems..."
Kisara finally returns to her home in Darnassus with her new spirit friend, who has taken on the form of a quilen cub. As her raptor, Teshar, runs off to the pen he shares with her other hunter pets, Kisara peeks into the bedroom to see if her fiance is there. "Huh. No Viida. And I wanted to introduce you two. Oh well, it's probably for the best. I don't really want her to be at risk in the coming conflict, especially since she won't have a spirit of her own to help." She kneels down and pets the little spirit which makes a little noise of pleasure. "I'm not quite sure how a little thing like you is going to help, but I'm glad to have you with me."



Sluggishly slipping herself through the darkened corridors of the cathedral, the poor Quel'dorei's body only now recalled what it had been to work such extensive hours for the goodness of the church. Having her old office back; the very stonewalled corner of the annex of the cathedral where the only light at such a late hour were the candles that melted far too quickly. For most of the evening - and regrettably through the mass and liturgy - she found herself glued to the many books and updated epistles carefully collected in the library wing. For a brief moment, the three-century-old elf almost felt like laity again in having to study and prove herself worthy to her teachers and seniors.

"Your Grace?" A voice asked from the soft twilight of shadow between the dark reception of her office door and the dim light that fluttered down from one of the many candelabras along the hallway. Just a few more steps and she would have been blissfully home-free in the sanctum of her desk and ungodly piles of paperwork. Just a few more steps and she wouldn't have had to strain her face just to crack a benign smile.

"Yes, my dear," she responded in a wistful tone. The preternaturally vain part of her personality thanked the Light that this young monk wouldn't be privy to the detracting violet colouring of the skin under her eyes; a woefully dedicated indicator of her lack of sleep and preservation in these witching hours.

The young monastic bowed almost too quickly to the bishop-emeritus before him that he actually slipped back off of his sandals a good few inches. Momentarily, Rennali found herself curious as to his behavior but the driving force that willed her to seek respite allowed the action to be passed off as nothing more than this monk's own lack of sleep and dedication to his faith. "Apologies for the hour," he began as his voice dipped into a rolling baritone, "but some letters came for you and I was instructed to bring them to you most urgently."


Rennali's long brow curled upward slowly as she found her curiosity piqued. "Well, let us see what it is I have been given then." She slowly shuffled the parchments around in her arms to make room for yet one more piece that required her attention. Before she could manage herself well enough, the monastic nearly threw the soggy letter toward her as if expelling a wretched soul; his body shaking like the last leaf in Fall.

"Steady on," Rennali commanded the young monk in a maternal tone. Her eyes took in what little details she could manage of the monk as he slipped back against the wall; his stark-white face half-covered by the shadows of evening now. Something urged her to look down at the letter that looked more like a crumpled up pamphlet than an actual letter. "I will take this to my office. Thank you." She said, walking toward her office door which was a silent direction that the monk was excused. From her peripherals, she noticed he looked all too pleased to be excused and away from whatever it was he handed her.

Slipping into her office, Rennali let out an easy sigh and as her door closed, she dropped the parchments she had been hauling onto the well-worn chaise lounge at the far wall of the room. "Now then," she said as she released the proverbial - and physical - weight from her arms, "what could possibly have made that young man so nervous?" Sitting down in the chair, the bishop-emeritus lowered her glasses down and began to read.

It has started, it has begun... Soon my clan shall have its fun. Our claws shall rend, our hoofs shall crush. All your dreams shall turn to dust. We begin to plague and plot... Tainting your forgotten in fields of stalks...

After that, the letter merely became a string of unintelligible letters.

"Not again," she murmured softly as she lay the letter down.
Haruhi summoned beasts of Earth, Arcane, And Sea to aid her allies, She summoned Terra, Leafbeak, And Seaclaw and infused them with all the strength she has, And granted her powers to her friends and allies.
She, Herself Protected her allies from surprise attacks or Blood Elven reinforcements as much as she can.
Sharlynna made it back to Stormwind with an animal spirit, a small cub with fur as white as snow, following closely behind her. Once she got to her home, she let the cub come inside with her. She knelt down and gently pet the cub's head, the spirit seemed to have taken a liking to her already...
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A small group of Satyr gathered around a large ornate stone, channeling corrupt magic at the worn monument, the bodies of their victims laid out in the short grass nearby.
The blooded corpses of various wizards laid around the stone, their heads cleanly severed and sent to the enemy as a warning.

The smallest of the group, a young Satyr with short claws, oversaw the progress of the group. The Satyr looked up in delight as the stone's worn surface slowly began to crumble as his clan's corruptive magic began to eat away at it, like fungus enveloping a healthy sapling.

An imp appeared near the young Satyr, shifting impatiently from foot to foot as the fel flames surrounding it burnt the nearby grass.

The Satyr turned to the summoned demon,"Status report, imp", he barked..

The imp looked down at the ground, shaking in terror"Y-Yes..m-master..it seems..the heroes have..r-retu-turned from their j-j-journey across the s-sea..se-several of them bring back s-spirits w-with them..", he said.

The young Satyr let out a growl, shaking his head "No! NO! They have met with our Enemy..they grow in strength."

The Satyr turned to the large worn stone being split by the other members of his clan.
"We shall have to speed up the process..let this rock, a symbol for our new "friends" , shatter..and from it, the rot shall be released.."

He nodded as he watched small chunks of the stone fall to ground, turning to a green tinted sand which would spread throughout the land, tainting anything in it's path.

"We shall be ready for them..", the young Satyr snarled..

After Action Report #223305-000276
Combat of 25th, April
Bloodmyst Isle, Kalimdor
Knight Arthruin Ironhand, SWCD

Local Stormwind intelligence indicated request for help from Nestlewood Hills vicinity of Azuremyst Isle, Kalimdor. Arrived via commercial mage portal to Exodar around 19:00 and deployed for patrol of Azuremyst Isle at 19:30. Made contact with local Dreanei inhabitants and ascertained the location of Nestlewood. Wood located in Southeast portion of Amman Vale sub-island, East of Exodar. Patrol of surrounding area indicated entire Amman Vale vicinity is enclosed by rugged mountains. Only one entrance exists, making the area very strongly defensible.

Around 21:30 additional personel began arriving. Mostly adventurers with one Silver Hand Knight and one other Ebon Blade Knight present. Entire group proceeded to center of Nestlewood Owlbear settlement, who appeared to be non-hostile. Owlbear Elder spoke to group and explained background of current fel-cultist incidents. See report #333205-945. For background synopsis see intelligence bulletin #33205 [Classified].

Elder then agreed to assist in resolving fel-cultist issue if the chicks of the tribe, including his own grand-chick, were rescued from a Sindorei raiding force present on nearby Bloodmyst Isle. All present agreed to request and accompanied Elder to Bloodmyst.

Upon entering the island, group came under fire from Sindorei archers positioned atop large crystals overlooking the road. Group returned fire, soon dislodging the enemy from their position and compelling them to flee. Casualties were minor and healers present in the party restored wounded to combat readiness.

Advancing along the road northward, the group encountered a large voidwalker occupying a bridge. Demon was soon disposed of and advance continued.

Approximately one mile North of local Dreanei settlement, group encountered Sindorei in a wood to the West. Enemy was surprised and soon eliminated. An arcane bomb was also found and successfully defused. No casualties taken.

From here the road led West, and the main Sindorei base was spotted, well aware of our presence and prepared for battle. Led by the Owlbear Elder, a general charge was made directly upon the base entrance, immediately pentrating the Sindorei defenses. Additional arcane devices were located and neutralized. Fighting continued into the heart of the base, where the Sindorei commander was slain and the captured chicks were recovered. Further recovery of enemy documents and equipment proved impossible, as retreating enemy forces activated a base self-destruct system. All personel immediately evacuated to a safe distance. Casualties were light and quickly healed. Given presence of Owlbear chicks further combat was avoided and a withdrawal was made to Nestlewood Village. Estimated enemy casualties around a company KIA, larger number wounded.

Knight Arthruin Ironhand
Ebon Blade
Stormwind City Detachment

Intelligence Bulletin #33205 [Classified]
Saytr-Cultist Operations
Knight Arthruin Ironhand, SWCD

Previous to combat of 25th April, see report #223305-000276, a briefing was given by the Owlbear Elder of Nestlewood Hills Village pertaining to the history of the ongoing Satyr-Cultist incidents. Presentation was oral, with smoke-vision visual aids.

Several thousand years ago, a War was fought between the Elune-aligned Owlbears and the Demonic-aligned Satyrs. Particularly Satyrs of the Shadowhorn clan. The Satyr forces wished to hold dominance over the world, but were defeated by the Owlbear tribal force who were assisted by animal guardian spirits dispatched by Elune. Satyr clan then apparently went into hiding until the present day and have resumed operations now that the Owlbears are largely weakened and scattered in small tribes across the world. The Elder of the Nestlewood tribe dispatched for aid from various organizations and adventurers in combating their old enemy. As the Owlbear tribe lacks any combat-effective force, existing military resources must be used to defeat the Satyrs. Numbers of soldiers present during the operations of 25th April received spirit guardian animals, apparently to be used in current operations. Spirit animals are of varied forms and have unknown abilities or powers.

Judging from public threats made by the Satyr-Cult, it appears that their overall goal is to cause a large scale famine, resulting in the weakening of allied forces. Presumably this would facilitate easier invasion and elimination of allied nations. Enemy, by basis of nature, appears to have contact with demonic powers and should be expected to use tactics common to other demonic forces. Unknown if they are in contact with Twilight Hammer remnants. No connection to the Scourge or Cult of the Damned evident.

Recommend a task force be detailed to assist local military units in elimination of this enemy. No formal unit has been assigned yet, but individuals of numerous local units have volunteered to combat the threat. Size of task force to be determined once Satyr-Cult numbers have been better ascertained.

Knight Arthruin Ironhand
Ebon Blade
Stormwind City Detachment

After Action Report #223306-00124
Combat of 26th, April
Stone Cairn Lake, Eastern Elwynn Forest
Knight Arthruin Ironhand, SWCD

Intelligence recieved in Stormwind indicated Satyr-cult attack on a monument in near future. See attached note #1. Upon discussion with elf Ramallen, Sir Duthane and Sir Ash of Silver Hand Chapter, a recon mission was decided upon to explore potential sites of attack. Particularly Stone Cairn Lake, since that location seemed to offer the most advantage to enemy. Sir Ash and myself deployed from Stormwind via horse and dismounted near the lake around 20:30. Encountered no resistance and crossed lake to Cairn Island via ice path.

Immediately encountered a human mercenary with pet wolf. Human reported he was hired by local lumber company to remove mage bandits from area. He was permitted to depart, seeing as he was not an apparent threat.

Upon approaching the monument, recon patrol came under arrow fire from North side of standing stones. Immediately sought cover and identified bandit-like humanoids deploying to North.

A plan of action was immediately formed. Sir Ash would advance frontally while I would flank to the East of the monument and attack. Plan was carried out with excellent speed, with utmost surprise achieved in flank attack. Briefly scourging the ground forced the enemy from cover, allowing melee combat. In ensuing fight the entire enemy squad was eliminated. Sir Ash suffered a stab wound to the side, along with superficial wounds. First aid was immediately applied and withdrawal to the horses began. During withdrawal the personal effects of several of the assailants, now identified clearly as Satyr, were taken for later intelligence analysis. Recon patrol rode back to City and received medical treatment from Sir Duthane at the Cathedral. Enemy casualties estimated at eleven KIA. No survivors captured.

Knight Arthruin Ironhand
Ebon Blade
Stormwind City Detachment
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Combat Report #223307-12660
Operations of 27th, April
Stormwind Territories, Eastern Kingdoms
Knight Arthruin Ironhand, SWCD

Around 22:00 a large number of adventurers and local military personnel were observed in Stormwind preparing for large-scale combat. Inquiry revealed that Shadowhoof Tribe (See Satyr-Cult Reports) had been observed at several locations in surrounding territory and were confirmed to have made contact with a Burning Legion warlock. Intel provided by elf Ramallen suggested initial attacks were to be made in Westfall and all personnel gathered at the bridge bordering Elwynn and Westfall.

Due to the rapid call-up and deployment, the unit formed was extremely chaotic in organization and composition. At the start of the operation the unit was roughly platoon sized and somewhat organized into four squads. The full range of racial groups and organization were represented. Strong elements of the Elunian faith and Silver Hand were present, along with a squad from Alterac. Various others, from berserkers to warlocks and shaman made up the rest of the force. Ebon Blade presence was confined to about three Knights.

Immediately upon entering Westfall, an individual was observed spraying a green gas upon a nearby field and the various homeless who inhabit the area. He was immediately confronted but self-destructed, further contaminating the area with obviously fel-tained magic. At this point the homeless humans in the area became hostile under the fel influence and attacked. Much effort was made to capture these persons alive and only a few were slain. The spirit companions provided in previous operations became active and cleansed the victims of the taint, but the local cropland proved irrecoverable. A general bombardment from the mages, paladins, and warlocks, along with aerial fire from a Silver Hand airship, soon sanitized the area.

A brief transmission from Ramallen, who had wandered away from the group in the skirmish, indicated that he was captured and held in a tower in the far south of Westfall, along the Duskwood border. Unit immediately proceeded to the tower and recovered the elf, defusing a fel-bomb that had been strapped to the senseless elf. Information gained from Ramallen indicated that he had been a diversion from the main attack upon Stone Cairn Lake. Unit immediately moved through the forests of Duskwood and Elwynn at top speed in order to meet this attack.

By this time casualties and exhaustion had reduced the allied unit by about one third of its initial strength. Nonetheless a daring advance was made upon Stone Cairn Island without pause. Immediately the Shadowhoof forces were encountered, accompanied by the Burning Legion Warlock, in the process of converting the memorial into some sort of poison for the surrounding waterway. Fighting began at once, as the Warlock dispatched waves of demons from portals to defend the Satyr ceremony. Early in the combat a local gnome mage, Fizzlecracks, attempted to fight the Warlock singly and was quickly killed. Three successive waves of demons and satyr were defeated at the cost of severe wounds among much of the unit. Healers were kept busy throughout the battle. During the fight, the Warlock placed himself upon the top of the Stone Cairn monument and proved a nuisance by firing down upon the allied unit. At least two attacks were made by members of the unit to try and drive him from his position, but were repulsed. At this point the Warlock summoned down a meteor infernal that destroyed the Silver Hand airship and required much effort to eliminate. Throughout the battle, the Owlbear Spirit Animals acted in support of the combat and in direct opposition to the efforts of the Satyr. It appears that the Owlbear Tribes also provided some sort of direct assistance. The enemy ceremony was halted and reversed, preventing the poisoning of the river. After the Infernal was finally defeated the Warlock vanished, apparently having replaced himself with an illusion after summoning the Infernal to cover his escape.

While a hard fought victory, the battle caused severe casualties among allied personnel. Many were badly wounded and required immediate aid in order to survive the night. Only one person, the gnome, was KIA. A knight of the Silver Hand, Sir Ashbane, went missing during the fighting, presumed captured. Exact enemy casualties are unknown, given the chaotic nature of the fighting, but are presumed to be high.

Knight Arthruin Ironhand
Ebon Blade
Stormwind City Detachment
Kisara returns home, weary from the fighting against the satyr. Little Hiyo, the spirit who had performed admrably in the fighting, purifying both the corrupted people and the stone monument, happily trots inside, seemingly unfazed by the fighting. While Kisara looks herself over just to be sure she wasn't injured, her raptor, Teshar stumbles in, the burn wounds caused by the abyssal clearly taking their toll.

Noticing her raptor's state, Kisara quickly rushes over to him and begins to use what little Light magic she possesses to heal him. "Light, Tesh! You should've told me that you were that badly injured. I would've asked Luneia to heal you." Teshar makes a series of hisses in response to her words, but Kisara shakes her head. "No. You're not going back out there until you're healed. So you better hope that Viida comes back soon cause I can only do so much." Teshar hangs his head in shame as he hisses and shrieks some more. Kisara smiles in response. "Don't worry about me. I'm sure the others, and little Hiyo will be more than capable of aiding me in the coming fight. I only hope that we don't face anything worse that what we faced tonight."
Recap: Fel Famine Part One (Please post an IC response to this if you participated.)

-Rama led everyone to the border between Westfall and Elwynn Forest after the Gnews, hearing reports of odd sights among the nearby fields of wheat. A Satyr, Farruk Shadowhisper, was spreading green fel mist throughout the area, corrupting both the wheat and the homeless citizens who lived there.

-The Satyr then killed himself, corrupting even more of the wheat and surrounding victims. The homeless formed into a fel crazed army, with fel pustules and mist leaking from their skin and various orifices. The fel tainted army formed ranks against the heroes.

-Raknar Bloodclaw, leader of the Shadowhorn clan, introduced himself shortly through the use of an illusion before explaining that the fel tainted army would either kill them or poison Westfall's wheat through their own deaths. Raknar then revealed to be using an illusion and disappeared from sight. Rama tracked his signal to a tower in southern Westfall.

-The heroes and fel addicted army clashed, with the heroes either disarming or trapping as many as they could, reluctant to kill any that would poison the land. After much fighting the Spirit Animals that accompanied the adventurers cleansed the fel army of their fel addiction, but not before one fel addled child exploded, corrupting a small tract of wheat. Few casualties were reported on the heroes side.

-Rama then reported that he had been captured by the Satyr and was strapped to a fel bomb. After quickly coming to his rescue, the heroes deactivated the fel bomb. As he rested, Rama stated that his capture and the bomb were distractions and the Satyr were corrupting the Second War monument on Stone Cairne Lake. Rama rested as the heroes pursued the Satyr.

-The heroes arrived at Stone Cairne lake, killing many Satyrs disguised as rogue wizards who were corrupting the monument in order to turn it into fel sand, which would spread across Elwynn and corrupt the forest. After a short battle, a warlock appeared who managed to kill Fizzlecracks, Rama's friend, with a chaos bolt to the chest.

-The Warlock, an associate of Raknar Bloodclaw, summoned various demons from the Legion to stop the heroes from saving the stone from its corruption. The warlock summoned imps, voidwalkers, and eventually an infernal, which took out an airship, in order to back up the Satyr.

-Eventually the warlock's demons were destroyed and the Spirit Animals once again protected the heroes, with help from the Nestlewood tribe (Baraan and moonkin) who were aiding the fight through astral projection. The warlock revealed himself to be an illusion and quickly retreated.

-The Moonkin healed the group as the Spirit animals empowered their attacks, allowing them to kill the Infernal. The Spirit Animals then surrounded the stone and purified it of its corruption, causing Raknar to dispel his illusion and his surviving forces to retreat.

-The heroes had triumphed in their first battle against the Satyr and also honored Fizzlecrack's noble sacrifice. Battered and bruised, but mostly in one piece, they returned home.
Sharlynna trudged through the city of Stormwind, still shaken up and her body aching from the injury she suffered. A fel crystal through her stomach, thrown with much force from across the field. If it weren't for the combined efforts of several different healers, she most likely would have died. Her robes were torn and stained with her own blood, but she didn't necessarily mind. Nobody would see, most of the Trade District seemed to have calmed down.

As she walked, Sharlynna couldn't help but let her mind drift over to the gnome, Fizzlecracks, who tried to fight up close, only to be killed by a warlock before the battle even began. She barely knew him, she just learned his name not even an hour ago, and yet, she felt somewhat sad that he didn't survive.

The moon shone brightly over the city, but unfortunately, Sharlynna was too preoccupied to look. She had to find Strael and make sure he didn't lose his mind too much over her bloodstained predicament. He was most likely in the Blue Recluse. She knew him all too well to be wrong. Sharlynna walked into the tavern to find Strael alone with the bartenders. The bartenders didn't seem all too entertained by whatever story he was telling.

One of the bartenders looked up, straight at Sharlynna, calling out to her. "Uh, miss? Are you alright?"

Strael looked up to see the newcomer, to find that it wasn't a newcomer at all. Strael hurried over to Sharlynna, alarmed at her appearance. "Sharlynna, where were you? What happened?!"

Sharlynna didn't know how to explain without sounding idiotic or like she was out of her mind. "How do I put this...?" She muttered. Strael waited, almost impatiently, for an answer. Pulling him aside, Sharlynna whispered into Strael's ear. "I and some others were fighting... things, and I kind of got hit."

"What is with you and running off into the wilderness?" Strael asked, whispering in a harsh tone. "Tell me, how many times have you done this? Two? Three?"

Memories flooded back to Sharlynna, she was surprised that Strael remembered when she went off on her own without a word, often returning without an explanation as to where she was, and sometimes even a wound or two - like now. "I think I've lost track."

Strael sighed, burying his face in his hands. "Please, just don't do it again, alright?"

After a moment of silence, Sharlynna responded. "Alright."

She knew she wouldn't keep her word. It's become almost commonplace for her to lie to him and others. She thought she had stopped...

Without another word, Sharlynna left the tavern and walked home, the cub that protected her this whole adventure in tow.
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Fifteen minutes later, Kisara walks out of her pets' pen, after having left Teshar in the care of her spirit beast, Loquiras. Sighing with both exhaustion and sadness, she sits in a chair, petting little Hiyo as she crawls into Kisara's lap. Her thoughts turn to Fizzlecracks and tears come to her eyes as she thinks of his sacrifice. "One of us has died already. That's one too many. We must stop the satyrs, for Fizzle and all the others the they have killed with their plot."

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