[A-RP]The Fel Famine -Open RP event

Moon Guard
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Dawn rose over the steaming muck of the swamplands as bright blue eyes watched from a lofty perch over the sleepy town of Menethil. As still and pale as a marble statue the Ebon Knight searched the horizon for any sign of her quarry. A clacking noise nearby attracts her gaze to the branch where a skeletal gryphon hangs upside down like a great nightmarish bat. It preens itself in the light of the new day, as if it still had feathers worth taking care of.

"Trust me to end up with a retarded flyer." The Knight mutters to herself, looking over to the sea to the West.

She'd come out to this stinking swamp on the edge of the civilized world on the barest of information. Now she begins to wonder if the hastily scrawled letter she received in the mail yesterday was a hoax after all.

It had come from some Silver Hand Knight that she'd never met and never heard of before. Claimed to have escaped from the Shadowhoof Satyrs and begged for help to come. But after rushing to the area and flying over the whole damn marshy mess to only find nothing, the situation looked discouraging. Well, she did find something, if you count scaring merlocks and gnolls by flying over their camps like some hellish angel. The Dark Iron Dwarves and Blackrock Orcs were less impressed, sending her on her way with a farewell of sprayed lead and arrows. But no Satyrs at all. Not even a damn hoof-print in the mud. Not that she had time to thrash through the thick underbrush looking for one.

"Well, I'm sure they rest of them damn Silver boys will get up here eventually. May as well wait for them. Hope it's not a blasted wild goose chase."

She leans back in her perch, the roof of the town's only inn, and watches the sun rise over another sweltering day in the Wetlands.
Haruhi is too busy exploring a cryomancy chain of alchemy, Though Leafbeak tells her reports about the Tribe.
Luneia hands a box of vegetables, free from the fel taint, over to a young father, smiling to the two small children standing just behind him. The two younglings were peeking at her from around their father’s legs, eyes wide. No doubt fascinated by the sight of the Draenei woman who stood a head or more taller than their father. Or it possibly was the large mammoth behind her, with various other boxes of food attached to its saddle. She bobs her head just a bit, getting the tiny bells hanging from her horns to jingle, and eliciting giggles and grins from both of the children at the sound. She looks back up at their father with a smile.

“This should last you for the week, I believe. I will return in a week’s time with more, if needed. If you are in need of fresh water, please send a message and I will see to arrangements for this, as well.” The man gives Luneia a relieved smile and thanks her, bowing as best he can over the box.

“Thank you, miss, for this. We were almost out of untainted food, and didn’t know where we were going to get more. I don’t know how to thank you!” The man tries to bow again, and Luneia waves a hand to try and get him to stop.

“It is something I am glad to be doing. Please, just take care of yourself and your younglings. And watch for your neighbors, as well. We do not wish any to fall ill because of this.” The young man nods and, shooing his children back into the house, closes the door…but not before the two children wave and smile at Luneia. She smiles back, and then turns to her mammoth to lead it to the next family.

Before she has even gone two steps, she is grabbed from behind and picked up off the ground. She panics for a moment, then calms as she realizes who it is.

“Syngyn! Put me down! You have only just recovered from the injuries you received at the Stone of Remembrance,” Luneia berates the human behind her.

“Ah, I know, beloved, but I cannot help myself,” Syngyn says to her as he lowers her to the ground again, giving her a sly grin.

“Yes, yes, you say this every time. But I am not some light, little bitty thing that can be easily picked up. I worry over you,” she says. “Besides, if you hurt yourself doing this, how will you help me deliver these boxes?” He gives a fake groan, but walks along with her as she moves down the street towards the next home.


((This was going to be a little bit longer, but when I started to work on it again after I got home, the story just seemed to say "Okay, that's enough", so, there you are. :D ))
You find a letter in your mailbox, a small shard of ornamental glass stuck with it :(You shall also receive an in-game mail as well,but if you dont feel free to ask for one.)

The Silver Hand is guided by my tainted mind
Four Knights, in service to my crime
Potions, Elves, Chests, and Bricks
Your city shall fall to us quick.
Fel shall fill the Districts grand
Killing woman, child, and man.
Your holy shrines betray you all
In time, your Stormwind will fall.

-This is the will of the Shadowhorn clan
*Returning to Stormwind after extensive travels across Azeroth, Tyranastros looks about the city.*

"This is horrendous! I understand that we're fighting the Horde on nearly every possible front, but for Stormwind to deteriorate this this extent and to not even hear of it out in the field... Outrageous!"

*The heavily clad Death Knight wanders the city for a time, before stopping in the Dwarven District to listen in on the Gnightly Gnews, where he becomes informed to a lesser degree of what has transpired while he was away. As the Gnews ends, he volunteers to aid in resolving this crisis.*

This RP event chain seems quite interesting and I had a good bit of fun during the in-game event earlier.

I'm glad to have seen so many people taking part in the event, though it was a little chaotic at first, as most of the people were not sure what to be doing until the event was further underway. I hope to keep seeing such great participation as this continues. Thanks all!


*Some time after returning to Stormwind, Tyranastros decided to check and see if he has received any news from the front lines, and instead finds the unusual letter from the Shadowhorn Clan*

*Tyranastros sighs to relieve his discomfort as he rereads the letter in confusion*

"...Four Knights...Killing people... betrayal... Shadowhorn Clan. Got it. No, no I don't. What do I even do with this?"

*His words muffled by a crimson scarf covering his face, he pockets the letter and makes his way towards the only openly accessible holy shrine in Stormwind that he knows of. At the shrine in the graveyard behind the Cathedral, he sits and waits. Silently devoting himself to watch over the shrine as long as he can.*
Soon after returning to Stormwind, Sharlynna feared for what was coming next. The city would soon be in great peril, and she felt as if she couldn't stop it. A feeling of dread washed over her as she slowly walked back to her home, a feeling she hadn't felt in ages.

Walking past one of the entrances to the Cathedral Square, she looked past the fountain towards the steps of the cathedral itself. Sighing, Sharlynna continued on. She had not heard much on the status of the cathedral fountain's waters, but then again, she probably wasn't paying much attention.

But she barely had the time to do so right now. Stepping inside of her home, she had the faint feeling that she had forgotten something very, very important. Whatever it was, she would most likely tend to it tomorrow...
Combat Report #8675309-12345
Combat of 2nd May
Wetlands Vicinity, Eastern Kingdoms
Knight Arthruin Ironhand, SWCD

Enemy engaged at Greenwarden's Grove and pirate cove in southern Arathi. Fel stone device destroyed and Sir Thunderhammer recovered. Enemy defeated but claims attacks were distraction from main assault on Stormwind. No friendly KIA, some wounded.

Knight Arthruin Ironhand
Ebon Blade
Stormwind City Detachment


Pain. She didn't think it was something a Death Knight could still feel. That is, before last night. Two blasts of holy Light later and that illusion was shattered. Normally it wouldn't have bothered her. Every Knight gets used to shielding themselves from stray holy magic. Working with the living, it's something you just learn how to do out of reflex.

"Heh. Gets a bit harder when you've got a blade in your gut." Arty rubs her hand across a torn slot in her armor, where a Satyr's blade managed to hit just the right spot between the plates.

It was a jagged blade that would have killed a breathing person. Lacking a working circulatory system or functioning organs, it only slowed Arthruin down. But it got stuck in the wound, leaving her with a three foot long distraction that took a fair bit of concentration just to ignore. Concentration she needed elsewhere, once her allies took wounds as well, and the paladins started slinging Light around.

"Poor bastards thought they were helping." She says to herself in the dim light of the Cathedral Crypts. It was one of the only quiet places in the city for a Knight to slowly recover from her wounds.


Close by, lying in the dust of the crypts, was a uncharacteristicly brief report and her heavy metal gloves. Ivory hands, spared by virtue of that armor, gently explore the vicious burns across her face left by magic meant for healing. The burns would fade in time. But until then her pale cheeks would resemble crackled paint, flaking away from some ancient canvas. Not even the midnight blue hair above that face escaped the holy flames, curling and withering along its burnt tresses.

"Serves me right for not wearing a helmet."

She leans back, tired and still aching from the long night. An old casket makes a good pillow for the undead, she muses to herself, as she passes into the deep meditation that her kindred use instead of sleep.
The warrior returned home to Nighthaven after the ordeal in the Wetlands and Arthai. He grunted as he started to undo the hefty plate he wore. Slowly he worked on his left arm, taking the plate off to revel a bruised and battered limb from the fel bolt that struck it. The face of his shield was scratched and worn from said bolt as he attempted to reflect it and failed. He spent his night applying many traditional medicines to his arm, covering it with salves and bandages and even asked for the help of one of the Cenarion healers he knew.

Bandage and sore the warrior reflected on what he did, drinking a vial of Moonwater only the pure of heart could take...it was pride he felt inside...tested and judge by Elune herself to have a pure heart, he never doubt his Goddess or himself...he was an Emissary after all, takes one of pure heart to fill that roll not to mention his selfless protection and raising of Thea as his own child. With his good arm he spent the rest of his night with his sword on the whetstone, making sure to iron out any chips or kinks in the large Tauren crafted two handed sword after slamming it into a felstone which was shattered by him and the group.

"Vell...it's not over yet..."
Kisara walks through the door, Teshar and little Hiyo happily trotting inside behind her, enters the bedroom she shares with her fiancé, before plopping herself down on the bed to wearily take off her armor. More tired than she's been since first starting her training with her mentor, Hiyome, who her little spirit quilen is named for, she fights off sleep to reflect on what happened.

After finding the captain on the ship near death and retrieving the box for which he had sacrificed his life to deliver, they had flown to the Kaldorei outpost to aid in protecting the marshbeast there from the satyr's corruption during which, she was one of six who had played a key role. That being done, they had to fly to her mother's old homeland to rescue a paladin of the Silver Hand who had been so badly corrupted, that he couldn't even recognize friend from foe.

As she finally succeeded in taking off the last of her armor, she begins looking at her muscular, yet lithe body, checking herself for any injuries. While many of her more serious injuries were healed in the flash of Light that followed the purification of the paladin, Athemuth, some of the more minor injuries were still there: some minor lacerations from the satyr's fel-tainted blades, a burn from the fireball that rapidly heated her mail armor, and a large, purpling bruise from when Athemuth threw another hero into her and a few others. All of these were minor injuries, which, due to her training she could easily endure. Her exhaustion was due to the power she had obtained from the Elune blessed waters that she had drank to purify Rethiel. She hadn't received any ill effects from the water, indicating that she was pure of heart despite her feral side, but the sheer power that she had channeled was far greater than she had ever used before.

Her inspection complete, Kisara collapses on the bed, pulling the covers up over her and wishing, not for the last time, that Viida were in bed with her. But as she starts to drift off, her last thoughts aren't completely about her fiancé. Her thoughts linger on the parting words of the Shadowhorn leader about how they had left Stormwind vulnerable, and on Athemuth's warning of the satyr's infiltration of many of the Alliance's major organizations. "Maybe it's better that she isn't here." And with these words she drifts into a restless sleep.
Arrick sat in the captain’s cabin of the Blue Griffin going over reports and repairs of the ship. His crew while bring safe grains to Stormwind were attacked by what they think to be fel cast fireballs. That last few shipments he had overseen when they repaired damaged rigging and wood. He had finally did something he thought he would never do. Arrick added four cannons to the Griffin one cannon at fore, one at stern, one at starboard and one at port. “For the life of me sailing terms I may never get” He thought to himself with a chuckle.

He read the letter he was given and sighed cracking his neck then knuckles he stood walking out on the deck. He roared a sign to get his crews attention something all Bad Dogs knew well and it often lifted spirits in bad times. Today would not be that case the times were bad but he doubted what he was about to say would lift any Spirits. “My Bad Dogs You all have been doing well. I fear the trouble is far from over yet. I ask you dig deep and hang in there a little longer.” He looked around at his crew. “Keep up the good work you will be rewarded.”

Arrick said his goodbyes to his crew hoping on his fly disk he made his way down to Stormwind. It seems the guard wanted to speak to him as well. He was escorted to the commander of the watch.

“Ahh Arrick the so called Bad Dog. Sir we have an Issue.” The watch commander said
Arrick looked at the man. “What is the Issue?”

“It would seem your men are making off with the cites food and taking it to their families that is theft.” The Watch Commander said crossing his arms.

“Sir the Only food they deal with is on the Blue Griffin.” Arrick said matching the Commanders pose.

“Exactly food given to Stormwind.” The commander said pointing at Arrick.

“No Food bought by them and myself to save this city. If they want to take some of it home they have the right. They are waving their pay so that this city can eat clean and safely. ” Arrick said his stair a bit cold.

“A bunch of Privateers and mercenaries I highly doubt that.” Said the Commander.

“We are citizens fist what we do does not change that. I think we are done Good day commander.” Arrick stood looking back at the commander. “Light be with you.”

Arrick walked down the halls “I need a diplomat I could have handled that better.” He shrugged the thought off. “Back to work should go check on my friends.” He paused looking up at the sky. “I hope you’re ok. I hope to see you soon.” He shrugged off the thoughts and where they were going. He made his way into the city. Arrick took a few sacks of grain and food for the Orphanage. He had sack of toys for the kids as well. With all the madness going on it felt good to see the lil kids happy with simple things.
Lady Kyuress wakes up from a deep healing sleep in her own bed at her farm. She looked around at the familiar things in her home and wondered why they were there, no wait, she wondered why she was here. She remembered getting the call to go assist her friends in investigating a shipwreck, she remembered so little else. Shaking her head to try to clear it, then flinching in pain when it felt like her brain hit a fiery nail. An image flashes across her eyes, one of a satyr rushing at her, molten lava coming to her call, his face melting so close to her she could taste the burning ashes on her lips. She shivers at the memory, what else had happened that night? Why couldn't she remember? Sitting down on her bed, she held her head in her hands, wishing she could pull memories from it as easily as she pulled energy from the elements.

Over the next hour or so, she wracked her brain, she got images of her friends getting hurt all around her, of herself healing them over and over, just to see them harmed again. The flash of searing pain in the back of her head, then nothing. That must have been what happened, something must had hit her in the head, hard enough to do some real damage. She did get a flash of Kaele appearing, her pulling herself onto his back, and him taking off. He must have brought her home. How long ago was that, she wondered. She saw the sun outside, so it was at least a night ago, but she had a feeling it had been longer. She wondered how her friends were faring as well.

Time to get cleaned up, she looked down at the blood, soot and dirt still caked upon her and realized she had a lot to do before she could go check on her friends.
The sound of platemail, his shield and other Warriors gear tightly wrapped in an old worn cloak thudded on each step. This worgen on a normal day would never do this, treat his gear like that. Today was not a Normal day. Arrick had closed his eyes earlier today. Ready to meet the Great Wolf, Lady Elune, the wife and kids he had lost, whatever it is on the other side we go to when we pass. He knew his friends outside the shop would be angry but understand. The only thought in is mind “I really will miss her now.” The only questions “Who would tell her?” and “How long till she would find out?” other than that he was ready. Not really wanting to go but ready. “Lives would be saved, people could sleep easy. It’s all in a day’s work.”

His eyes opened he breathed a sigh. “Trouble and Syn will not let me live this down. Luniea will be worried sick.” He noticed it was Ky above him he braced a second thinking he may get lectured. Trouble was there she looked ready to fight. “Yep never live it down” he thought. He could not hear them at first the ringing was so loud in his ears. He registered they wanted him out of the building before what little was left of it came down. He stood doing his best to hide his pain. Made his way out knowing neither friend would leave unless he did.

Pain and Hurt didn't feel like apt words for what he was feeling. The ringing was fading, but slowly. He looked to see Trouble and Syn again. They began an age old argument that any fighter has had with another Sibling of war. “I can risk my life for you. Don’t you risk your life for me.” Sounds like rambling unless you have been there before. He just got the drop on them it was his turn just a week ago he was in their shoes, worst part he had willing put them in that situation. “Never again he had thought that night” He would try to live by that, but he knew the second he could help them save the day he would. Then feel guilty after it things went wrong, or smile and joke if they saved the day unscathed.

Why did they do it? Not to be heroes, yes helping others was on their mind. It was the personal issue for each of them. For some reason they had come together as friends, ever deeper a ragtag family. Most had not known or lost their families. Those families good, bad or absent were no longer there. So they had made their own in the friends they kept. Family cares for one another, protects one another, cries for the loss of one, and most of all would risk all even life for one another. That was all Arrick had done Protected his family. He knew Trouble and Syn would do the same in a second had it been there time.

He did the best thing he knew to do. He did not know what he was saying he was just fighting with his family. So he walked away the four members of the Silver Hand needed help what they went through harmed them in more than just the body. Arrick just.. well again pain and hurt did not seem right but were the only words to be used. He spent some time at the spot where she had told him she liked him. If he could not hold her like he so desperately wanted. He would remember the times he had.

The spot where they had gotten to know each other. They first told one another their feelings, even their first kiss was here. “The most important spot in the universe to us” he smiled as he said it out loud. Thinking back to when he had told her that and then laughed at how silly it sounded now. It was a spot he would hold in his heart forever. Not much to look at to the eye but to the heart her beauty was the only thing more breathtaking. He hoped for a few more firsts there.

Arrick made his way to a small room he kept for the guild in town. Back to the gear dragging up the steps Arrick left at it at the foot of the bed as the worgen collapsed into bed out cold…
Recap: Bonus Event

-The heroes were summoned to Menethil Harbor after discovering a plot to pollute the Wetland's water table. The heroes then heard of a local Draenei trade vessel, the Shard of the Naaru, which had sunk in a mysterious storm the night before which the townsfolk had asked them to check on.

-After investigating the area surrounding the destroyed Draenei vessel the heroes found the captain of the Shard, Thuraad Lightseeker, clinging to a worn chest he was assigned to deliver to the heroes by a tribe of Moonkin on Azuremyst. After delivering the chest, which contained multiple vials of Moonwell water and several lucky charms, a message from Baraan, Rama's uncle, was delivered which stated that the Saty wished to corrupt a local plant elemental known as Rethiel the Greenwarden.

-The heroes traveled to Greenwarden Grove, home of Rethiel, where they stopped the Satyr's assault on Rethiel using the Moonwell water provided to them, if the Satyr attack had succeeded it would have allowed for the corruption of the entire water table and ecosystem of the Wetlands.

-After the Satyr forces corrupting Rethiel were dealt with, Raknaar Bloodclaw, chief of the Shadowhorn Clan, stated that Rethiel's corruption was only a distraction as the Satyr had captured Athemuth, a paladin of the Silver Hand Chapter. Athemuth had been corrupted by the Satyr and was sent to guard a felstone in Faldir's Cove which was slowly corrupting both the Wetlands and the Arathi Highlands.

-Athemuth, corrupted by the stone he was protecting, believed the Satyr who were guarding him were his fellow Paladins while the heroes who were saving him were demons, so he attacked the group. The heroes managed to free Athemuth of his corruption through the use of the blessed charms they received from the box and both the Wetlands and Highlands were saved from corruption.

-Before Athemuth returned to Stormwind to rest, he mentioned that four members of the Silver Hand Chapter were in league with the Satyr and aiding them to corrupt another target.
Recap: Fel Famine Part Two

- After recounting the past encounters with the Satyr, Rama stated that a priest from Northshire had given a sermon to various knights of the Silver Hand Chapter within the Cathedral, yet the Northshire Abbey had no record of sending any priest to commence a sermon this week.

-Wishing to investigate this odd turn of events, the heroes journeyed to Northshire, but first passed through a massive illusion which had been inflicted on the entire region of Elwynn Forest. The heroes were forced to ride through the forest as illusions of their loved ones and comrades bade them to venture off the trail, which doing so would have resulted in them losing their sanity.

-After successfully reaching Northshire Abbey, the heroes were led to the highest room in the abbey to question a priest who had led the sermon for the Chapter earlier in the week. However, it was revealed that the priest was a Satyr. The Satyr killed himself, filling the room with fel poison and leaving behind a scrap of paper which contained a map of Stormwind city as well as a coded message.

-The message allowed for the heroes to discover that the four knights who had received the Satyr's sermon were none other then Crisana, Kirunas, Aretei, and Arathann of the Silver Hand Chapter.

-After the Satyr's death, these same four members collapsed outside the Northshire Abbey and repeated various clues in the form of two-word phrases regarding several shrines that the Satyr had them place around the city, with each knight placing a shrine in a specific district.

-The shrines placed within the city were in fact fel bombs, which had corrupted each knight of the Silver Hand Chapter who led the heroes to where the bombs were placed. Eventually the four knights were defeated in turn as the heroes made their way around the city and managed to deactivate three out of the four bombs. The fourth fel bomb, hidden in the Mage District's alchemy shop, managed to go off but the explosion was contained. Several members were lightly injured but the shop itself was destroyed.

-The heroes had managed to save Stormwind and earned themselves a proper rest, despite Raknar Bloodclaw's announcement that they had won the battle but not the war.
Big ol' List of replies to event 1: Haruhi got blown up, Several times, By the greenwarden event, And finally the alchemy lab blew up by a rogue frost bomb, But not before accidently blowing up Arrick. 2: She fought with soup, A cauldron and cat form, She helped the allies spirits with a feast of the wok. 3: Due to her injuries, And the magical Spentness from the Stone incident, She slipped into the dream, Shikbu, In the midst of the second altar battle, Flying serpent kicked into the wall, Breaking a rib and possibly her self esteem.
Kisara flinches and her eyes shoot open as she wakes up in a cold sleep, like she has numerous times that night. Her mind still reeling from the sudden return to conciousness, her heart pounding wildly, and breathing heavily, she looks at the timepiece made for her by one of her parents. She had only been asleep for ten minutes this time. Her nightmares are getting worse.

Normally, she never remembers her dreams, but the nightmares that she's had this night stand out in her mind allowing her to remember each one of them with sharp clarity. Because of the content, she can even place the source of them. Earlier that night, as they marched through Elwynn Forest, the satrys had given many of her friends shadowy visions that had disturbed them to some degree, but the vision that Kisara had seen was laughable. Her pets all -adored- her! They'd all rather run to her to be by her side than beckon to her. No, her vision wasn't contributing to her nightmares, but her fears of what the vision could have been were. Seeing her fiancé, Viida, or her parents beckoning to her was the best of these fears. Haunting, yes, but by no means terrible. Her worst fear was a vision of Viida in the claws of Raknar, the leader of the Shadowhorn Satyr. This one fear had affected her judgement slightly throughout the rest of the night, but using the training that her mentor, Hiyome, had put her through, she had put her fears aside, allowing her to help her friends as they confronted a satyr who had disguised himself as a priest of the Light, and, later on, helped to fend off four mind controlled paladins of the Silver Hand in order to destroy the four fel shrines that they protected. However, as she realized that they had failed to destroy the fourth shrine before it could detonate, her fears rose to the surface and she ran to save herself without any thought of saving her friends. As the blast faded, Kisara came back out to find that everyone else had stayed behind to either contain the blast with their magic, or to bravely jump into danger in order to save those who had been injured. Seeng this, she felt ashamed of her own cowardice and, as soon as she could, she ran away, realizing only after she got back home, that she had never stopped to check and see if her closest friends, Arrick, Syngyn, Arale, Luneia, and Ramallen were alright. This thought only deepened her shame, especially when she thought of poor Arrick, who had stayed in the Alchemy shop in a brave, but il-fated attempt to destroy the shrine before it could explode. While she was sure the other four were alright, she hadn't stayed around to see if he had survived. But Arrick's corpse laying at the knees of a brutally tortured Viida, with Raknar cackling above them was the least of her nightmares. Her fears and her shame kept feeding her subconscious, making them worse.

Though there was still an hour 'til sunrise, sleep would no longer claim Kisara. As the seconds become minutes, all she can do is lie in bed, tears streaming down her cheeks as she cries out her heartache and deep shame. Not even the presence of little Hiyo and Turok can comfort her. "I'm such a fool. Mother... Chae-ma... Hiyome... Please forgive me. I forgot what you all taught me." As the sun rises over the horizon, the shadowy limbs of Teldrassil blocking it's light from reaching Darnassus, Kisara finally climbs out of bed, hoping against hope that she can somehow find a way to redeem herself for the mistakes she had made the night before.
Cecil, was working on Silver Wing 2 adding the final touches before its test phase in three days when suddenly Starshatter the Sword he obtained on a Previous journey with Ramallen a couple years ago began to glow, seeing the same glow it had when he to once ventured through an illusion in Hillsbrad, he grabbed his sword and ventured towards the gates of Stormwind but was stoped when Starshatter began to glow brighter in the middle of the Valley of Hero's, he stepped back and sighed speaking in a low tone: " It's to late, I cannot help whoever is in the illusion now, Light guide and protect you hero's " Cecil walked back into the city to continue on his project keeping a prayer in his heart and keeping his faith in the hero's to put a stop to whatever is causing this illusion to engulf most of the Kingdom.

Shortly after Cecil returned he passed by the mage district unaware of such bombs in the city when he heard a loud explosion nearby, but with all the chaos and people gathered around the district Cecil was unable to investigate this explosion, worried Cecil continued on back to the harbor to Work on his New Airship, when he came on The Silver Wings deck many of the Engineers asked Cecil." Captain what was that explosion in the distance?" Cecil shrugs then reply's to the crew : I don't know, I was unable to get close enough to see, let us focus on the ship, we will hear what happened in time." Cecil placed his Sword back down and grabbed his tool belt and continued to work on the Ship, the Engineers did the same.
Kisara walks back trough the door of her home, more tired she has been in years, but with a large smile on her face. Despite her fears and her shame, her friends didn't think ill of her for how she behaved. In fact, they thought that she was being silly, and comforted her, telling her that she had acted quite bravely last night, and her having run was her being "the smart one". What's more, Arrick was alive and had been mostly healed, his only remaining injury being his ribs, which were either bruised or broken.

Her confidence restored, she walks back to the bedroom shooing Tentulas as he tries to follow her. "The only thing that'll make this night better is if Viida is home." Sadly, as she opens the bedroom door, she finds the room empty and the haunting visions and nightmares from the night before come rushing back to her. She quickly shakes them away, using her training to suppress her fears again. "No. You'll not get to me again, satyr. I've lived in fear of your shadows for long enough. The next time we meet, I will fight to protect my friends, family, and loved ones with every fiber of my being."
Bonus Event Part One


Sadness fills Luneia as she watches the Draenei ship captain, Thuraad, die. A person she had never met, and would never get the chance to know, but who had, despite all that had happened, managed to keep hold of the gift from Baraan and deliver it to them…The chest containing the blessed moonwell water and the charms.

Then Ramallen takes the letter from his uncle, Baraan, and interpretes it for the group…The satyrs have plans on corrupting Rethiel. Luneia recalls having had dealings with the Greenwarden in the past, not long after she had come to Azeroth with the Exodar, and worries now at the plans the Satyrs have for him. The gathered group looks grim, but determined, and, with the exception of two who remain behind to bury Thuraad, move as quickly as they can to the grove where Rethiel resides.

When they reach the grove, all seems calm, nothing seems out of place, but the Satyr are tricky, stealthy creatures, and they have to be prepared. Luneia opens the chest to reveal the five vials of the moonwell water, and the charms. Luneia frowns at the bottles, then looks up at Ramallen.

“There are only five bottles here. Will that be enough?” Ramallen nods in response.

“Yes, Baraan’s letter says that these should only be drunk by those most pure of heart. If any other were to drink this, it could injure, or very possibly kill, them.”

At this, the group begins to debate who would be best suited for the moonwell water. There are a few raised voices during the discussion, but it is quickly decided which five should be given the vials. They were handed out, and each of the five, three men that Luneia doesn’t know, Kisara, herself, drank the contents…just in time, as the Satyrs appear suddenly from behind Rethiel and begin attacking both the Greenwarden, and those gathered to defend him.

While the rest of the group works to defend against and attack the satyrs, the five who drank the water concentrate on Rethiel himself. Using the newly gained cleansing powers granted by the moonwell water, the five of them work together and are able to clean the fel taint the Satyrs had tried to infest Rethiel with. Luneia is so focused on this that it barely registers to her when the satyrs, or what is left of them, retreat.

Luneia blinks, but, still somewhat energized by the water, moves through the group, healing injuries and, not realizing she’s doing so, taking a “head count” of all those who had come. She looks through the group again, then once more, frowning.

“What happened to Zoey and Avelphina? I do not see them.” She can’t keep the worry from her voice. She is answered by another member of the group.

“Ah, Zoey was struck on the head and knocked out. Avelphina grabbed her up and flew off. I believe she said she was taking her to the Cathedral in Stormwind.” Hearing this, Luneia smiles in relief and nods, thanking the person.


To be continued...

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