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Earthen Ring
Cups & Cantrips is a potions, spells, and enchants shop in Old Town that's open and accepting orders. Do you have a backache? Headache? Are you having trouble focusing? Perhaps you have a piece of adventuring gear that needs enchanted?

All ills can be cured... come to Cups & Cantrips to ease your worries, ills, and journeys. All visitors and business welcome!

C&C is located in the Five Deadly Poisons in Old Town and store hours are in the evening, but orders by letter are accepted when the shopkeepers are not in.

It's a walk-up RP event, so look for announcements in /forthealliance on nights when the store is open. Items are both custom-made GHI made on character request and in-game enchanting/alchemy craftables are available, too!
C&C opened tonight after 8 o'clock and received its first customers. Expect your orders to be filled soon, keep an eye on your inboxes. Thanks to everyone who stopped by for roleplay!

Within the magic shop, there's a hand-written registrar with all the customers, their ills/needs, and personal notes about them:
C&C is open this evening and accepting customers. Please also enjoy a drink while you wait!

Also, packages have been sent to those who ordered items last week:
C&C returns after this weekend for late-night Thursday open roleplay. Also, C&C hosted a booth at the Harbor Market this month and I'm currently working on filling out all the requests. Expect your orders to be shipped soon!
Business continues! I'd like to welcome my new business partner who specializes in Pandaria potions and flasks: Aadrica.

Cups & Cantrips is moving on up! The shop now occupies The Five Deadly Venoms in Old Town. Pop in to see us sometime in the evenings.

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