Therapists 25M 11/13H lf ele/resto shaman +

Raid times are 8:15-11:15pm pst Tues, Wed, Thurs.

Our current Progression is 11/13 Heroic

*No favoritism
*No drama
*Mature members
*Strong leadership
*Laid back, but progression focused

Guild website:

Our guild originated over 8 years ago and quickly grew into a progressive 25 man guild. We had to move servers (due low population), but have been happily settled on Blackrock for over a year.

Through the years, we have maintained a solid core of talented and knowledgeable players. Our members enjoy pushing for solid progression during our short nine hour raid week. We know that people have other interests and responsibilities outside of WOW, and prefer not to devote endless hours to raiding. Several of us have experienced being part of cutting edge, top 100 guilds, but our guild has a great balance between competitive progression and a laid back atmosphere. During raids everyone is helpful, encouraging, open to new ideas, and strategy suggestions.

Outside of raid time, we are a pretty social guild. In addition to our 25 man team, we have a 10 man “alt” team that raids on Fri/Sat nights (not recruiting for 10 man at this time). Many of us also regularly help each other gear up alts, complete challenge modes, and PVP.

**All talented classes are encouraged to apply, but we are in higher need of:

Ele Shaman
Shadow Priest
Monk Healer

If you have any questions or for a vent interview, contact one of the following in game:

Terroarr (Terroarr#1146)
Still looking for solid dps!
509 Blood DK with 496 frost OS
Plus my friend 511 Ele shammy
If interested post here or message me @ CptKrunk#1297
Raid nights work great!
Hey Gorul,

Sent request.
Still need a mage and balance druid.
Looking for mage and boomkin.
Healer spot opened up.
Resto shaman preferred
Still need a resto shaman
Heroic Tortos up next!
Bump for exceptional dps ^_^
Resto shaman or pally healer needed
Heroic Tortos!
holy pally, resto shaman
Bump for awesome peeps.
Heroic Ji-Kun down!
Bump to thank you ^_^

Bump for awesome peeps.
Still looking!
Not a mage, but I do like dresses....

529 Hunter - 2/12 Herioc ToT - 10/16 Heroic T14 willing to transfer for raid spot.

I've been raiding in a 10 man for the last year. We lost many raiders at the start of the xpac and never recovered. Currently pugging on Lightbringer.

Reliable, raid aware, and always prepared with knowledge of fights, pots and food.
Hey there, get in touch with me, Grenouille, or Chuibacca.

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