Therapists 25M 11/13H lf ele/resto shaman +

Still in need of a talented balance druid.
Still looking for Balance Druid, Mage, Warlock, Rogue, DK (dps), Monk (dps)!
Updated class needs.
Still looking for a few exceptional dps.
Shadow/disc/holy priest
We are currently looking for a back up raid leader for our 25 man raid team. This person must have previous experience leading raids, a calm demeanor, and handle stressful situations with patience and a positive attitude.
Looking for solid dps!
Looking for dps! Will consider Ele Shaman and Rogue as well!
Hey there,

Why don't you get an app in on our guild site:

Or look for me in game tomorrow: Terroarr#1146
9/13 now!
Ele shaman
Still looking for a few talented dps.

I've been raiding since Vanilla, I'm a 533 DK. Im usually a MT, but would rather DPS. Our raids are always logged, yet Im a 10m tank and almost always in the top 3. I'd usually be an Unholy DK, but would swap back and forth between DW frost and Unholy. I'm on the PTR. I've done 4 of the fights so far. I get that DKs scale horrible, but I promise you, I would not hold you back in DPS.

I'm primarily looking for a Heroic Progression Guild. Not a full cleared.

I'm military and in San Diego. I just want to be in a 25m guild and in PAC time. I hate my current schedule.

I've sent you a request. Thanks.
Highest need is an ele/resto shaman or a dps/healing priest.
no one needs an ele shaman
no one needs an ele shaman

I wish I was ele maybe then I could do challenge modes =/
ilvl 537 9/13H mage if you would like to chat add my battle tag ColtonQ#1624

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