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My ticket has been answered, I try to type a response after I have clicked "I STILL HAVE A PROBLEM" however, after I am done typing my response, I am unable to click *SUBMIT* First, I thought I typed too many characters, tried less characters, thats not the issue. No I don't have any links in my response, no I haven't used any profanity in my response.
First, the joke... Maybe they don't want to hear that you still have problems. :D

Now, that aside.. I'll suspect you did this, but just going on Troubleshooting 101 here. If I remember correctly, it does only give you so many characters to type as a response. If it doesn't show how many you've used out of the maximum limit, try using a word processor program and use the word count, which should also include a character count (including spaces), to edit and shave down the number of characters in use. If it's still within the bounds of the limitation, then I'd say it's a bug.

Either way, I hope it gets fixed for ya.

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