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Wyrmrest Accord
My night elf rogue is looking for a place to belong. She hasn't quite found it yet so hopefully soon, she will. She's not maxed level seeing as I just came to this server from Kel'Thuzad.
She's level 36 but I can level to be able to do dungeuns/bgs/raids with the guild. I mainly just want a good solid RP guild. I'm a beginner so I'm no expert on anything RP. I want to make some life long friends and enjoy the game.
Thanks in advance!(:
If you're good with a bit of neutrality, my guild might be a good fit. Everyone's an altoholic so there are a lot of lower level characters you can play with until you get up there. It's a very friendly guild who would probably be happy to help you develop your rp. It's a smaller guild, but we rp nearly every day.

Here's the intro blurb:
The Violet Dawn is an organization, a gathering of liked minded adventurers and heroes who strongly believe in the concept of peace through out Azeroth, of living in harmony with one another, regardless of Faction.

Wiki link:


If you're interested, then just ask anyone who's online about it and they'll help you or find someone else who can.
Hey there.

DFC is actively looking for some new members. We don't expect everyone to be a pro when they join, and we are excited to help you out if you still have some things to learn. Hey we still learn stuff all the time. Come check out our post here on the forums.


You can find a link to our guild sight there as well.

Even if we are not the right place for you we would love for you to look us up in game for some RP, we are always looking for new friends.
There's also our guild for Nelf-flavored RP. :3


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