Looking to get into raiding. (Alliance)

I have 4 90s that are geared (LFR style) I have this warlock... a Resto shaman... A blood Dk tank and a Prot Paladin... Im looking for a guild that runs ALL current mop content (MSV and HoF included).... I haven't gotten a chance to raid at all this expansion other than LFR. So if there are any guilds out there who need extra members or are looking for spare people to fill an alt run please reply to this thread or message me in game. Thank You.
No one wants me :(
Daw. <3 Maybe try within trade chat, or go down the posts on our realm page and check into the requirements for specific guilds ( so you can adjust by raid dates/times, or periods of guild activity)

Plus you can always go Horde. ;D
lol i could always go horde but thats alot of faction changes haha
Yea, it gets costly. :| I server Xfered/Faction changed 6 toons and my Guild. :||
lol insane
Gemswarlock, you don't mention which time zone you are in, Temporary Insanity is an Australian raiding guild looking for more raiders. We raid 2.30-5.30am server time. If this is a time that suits you please hit me up in game or pst Yarenne or Pazzi.

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