Spriests whats the most you crit using SWD

against another player. PVP. I want to know what I'll be
doing when I get good gear. What about Mind Blast?
I trust no one will lie..
I usually tend to crit somewhere over 9000.
iono, when I use SW:D in PvP they actually just die nowadays.

So, crit to dead.
At higher ratings vs geared players without cooldowns, 45k.

Although I'd imagine with a talent, procs and trinket, that could reach 90k.
Couldn't tell you. But, rest assured, when somebody is at like 30-35% and you have MB up and are at 1 or more shadow orbs, if they don't die from the MB SW:D combo, they die from the DP MF:I that follows.

Also, the same is true when you have 2 Shadow Orbs and MB up and they are at 50%. The ensuing MB, DP MF:I that follows will either kill them or get them into range of SW:D.

Basically, if you are freecasting and you have some Shadow Orbs, people fall over dead. Healers die in silences. It's nice.
290k holding orb in ToK w/140+ stacks up.

Also hit a rogue for 425k 3pt DP in there :) (cloak that nerd).
70k i think, I havent been paying too much attention. It mainly depends on your opponent's resil.

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