[Bug] Challenge Mode Leaderboards

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There are two bugs with Challenge Mode leaderboards. Take a look at Gate of the Setting Sun for Nazgrel as an example: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/challenge/dungeon/gate-of-the-setting-sun/realm/nazgrel/#reset

1. For a realm leaderboard, why is it listing groups with people from other realms? The #1 slot is taken by Peppermïntz (*) Lakemilk (*) Kaidah (*) Lustya (*), who are from Zul'jin and Boulderfirst. The #2 slot is taken by Skorgelol Misfðrtune (*) Billeemaze (*) Hollistar (*) Ætherix (*). The only person from Nazgrel is Skorgelol, everyone else is from Kil'jaeden. Shouldn't the realm best be groups with members solely from that realm?

This is currently allowing groups of people to appear at the top of numerous realm lists. Any group of 4 could grab someone from the server and top the leaderboard. Why am I seeing people from other realms on my leaderboard?

2. Some of the entries, like #3 and #4, are missing people entirely.

I understand that some of these problems could be caused by people transferring to different realms or closing their WoW account, but the leaderboards need to be cleaned up. Any groups with mixed party members shouldn't appear on the realm best list. There is a best of regional list that could show those times.

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