[A] <Leviathan> Late night raiding guild

Leviathan is a level 25, 10 man raiding guild thats ready to make the jump to 25 man raiding. We are guild based around friends of friends and our numbers are growing towards the need for 25 man raiding. We are currently 4/12 in ToT with 16/16 in the first tier. We have been raiding together for about 2 months on Sargeras after transferring off other low pop servers in hopes of finding more members. We are a mixed group of people that enjoy joking around and playing the game while progressing through at a reasonable pace. Most of our members enjoy arenas/RBGs and the occasional heroics/scenarios. We offer guild repairs/flasks/food/potions and have a vent. The loot system we will use is EPGP with a decay system.

Our Current Raid Times:
Tuesday - Thursday 10 pm - 1 am server

Our Current Raid Needs: (Priority List) Looking for 490+ ilvls
2 RDPS - High (Boomkin/Mage/Lock) - Med (Elemental/Shadow/Hunter)
1 MDPS - High (DK/Rogue/Feral/Ret) - Med(Monk/Enhancement/War)
2 Heal - High (Monk) - Med (Shaman/Druid/Priest/Pally)

If you are interested feel free to message me in game or leave a post here. The alt code for my ã is alt+0227.
Need them crazy DPS!! Don't be shy!!!!
I've come to bump
Bump only need a few more spots to be a complete raid group!!
Intrested PM me ingame Nexiie or October
im looking for a guild! write back if there is room

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