Death Grip, more like KS grip!

Death Knight
Every time every single time there is a DK near and I'm about to kill my opponent bam a DK death grips him away and steals the kill. Instead of using it on the other person attacking me who is at full health they feel the need to KS me instead. Or even worse, one dk death grips my target away only to have it death gripped away from him. And by then the target has healed up a bit or has friends arrive. Stop death gripping low health targets that are obviously already dead and save it for the targets that need to be death gripped like the flag carrier or the guy beating on the healer.

Even worse is when I stealth up to a target hit cheap shot and then suddenly a dk across the way has death gripped my target away allowing it a chance to defend itself. I notice this isn't as bad at max level, but DKs in every other bracket are like this. Does it really take 35 levels just to learn how to use this ability correctly in pvp or at least not be so trigger happy with it that you screw over your own team?
Maybe they couldn't see your 2 -2 buttt crying????

go away...
Stop stealing my kills and I will!
Cry more. I hate when Rouges just wait until an enemy is low HP and just stabs it and takes the kill.
Im in your bgs stealing all your hard earned killing blows
Stop sneaking around people so that we can see u clearly.
Death grip the guy at full health that is beating on me while I'm killing the other guy instead of stealing my kill and leaving me at low health with another person to fight.
whoever im attacking has negative heals but i don't have any really hard-hitting moves outside of an execute that takes 5 seconds to hit. i get KS'd all the time.
I'd never do a Death Grip in group/rated play like that, but in a PUG? I don't care, in the end I'm probably more useful than others anyway.

I'd drop Leeching Poison for PVP. Anytime I see a Rogue apply that to me I laugh my way to a free kill.
i dont DG for a KS...spreading my DoTs take care of that for me
This x1000.
Oh and by the way fellow DK's there is no water crossing in AV please stop with the Path of Frost spam.
Lol at all these people who complain on these forums thinking the dimwits in random BGs actually come here.

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