Beware of level 1s trying to sell a Nightwing

Customer Support
They tell you that they will sell you a nightwing by letting you send them a referral which they will accept. THey do 1 of 2 things. 1) once they get your referral email they hack your account. 2) they take the 20K + in gold and give it to another character and delete themselves as it was a free account anyways.
You cannot "sell" a Nightwing - it is an out of game item, technically, and as such cannot be sold for in-game currency. Report as spam any advertising for them.
Indeed, never engage in transactions that are against the TOU as WC already covered. You risk getting your account banned and they are almost always a scam.

Additionally, there is no way to "hack" your account via the Recruit-a-Friend promotion. The only way for such a thing to happen is if you give someone your account information or go to a shady site that puts malware on your PC.

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