no cooking xp or award after Shattrath daily

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Since my cooking hit 525, I've started doing 3 cooking dailies every day to keep leveling up until I hit Pandaria at L90.

I've done fishing and cooking dailies in Dalaran, Stormwind, and Shattrath City for several days now. Today, upon completion of the Shattrath City daily I wasn't awarded any cooking XP nor Epicurian Award. I was given regular xp, some silver, and choice of Crate of supplies.

The reason I'm doing the quest is to get the cooking skill ups. but nothing today.

My current cooking xp is 537.
Shattrath cooking daily, to the best of my memory, has NEVER given cooking points or epicurean awards. Only Dalaran and the faction cities dailies have awarded epicurean awards, and only the faction cities and Halfhill have awarded extra points towards cooking.
Flats is correct (and I double checked Wowhead just in case my memory was fuzzy)

Faction Cities (SW, IF, Darn) = Experience + Cooking skill + Epicurean Award
Shattrath = Experience + Bag of Fish or Crate of Meat
Dalaran = Experience + Epicurean Award + Small Spice Bag

You can read about all the cooking quests and rewards here

So, sounds like the quests are working as intended but that maybe you never noticed that you were not getting cooking points or awards from Shattrath.
hmm. I guess I wasn't paying attention before. I didn't stay in Shattrath City very long when I was I questing in Outland.


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