514 Resto Sham (w/ Enh OS) LF raid group

Hello Hyjal!

I'm seeking a guild in ToT, either 10 or 25 man, either as a full-time healer or with DPS OS.
My Resto set is 514 currently, and I'm rockin' a 495 in my Enh set. Formidable, but needs work.

I have 11/12 normal EXP in ToT. No heroic experience.

I'd like a guild close to my experience level. I would like to start progressing in heroics soon.

Here's the catch: I have an absolute sh*t schedule until the end of May. Around May 25th, everything opens up.

Right now:
Sunday, Monday and Wednesday: anytime after ~7pm, maybe a little earlier.
Tuesday and Thursday: Anytime *ending* BEFORE 5 or staring after 9.
Fridays are negotiable.
No Saturdays.

(I'm a college student, the semester ends May 25th and then I will be free for virtually all weekday raid times). I don't mind waiting for a raid spot until this happens, as long as you keep in touch.

I'm just putting around in ASC for now, I'll probably be pugging raids here and there to find a good group. I need a mature (mature as in no children, I don't do well with "family friendly") group with a mix of good times but also good progression.

If you can't find me on Seahorse, you may check my toon "Mew," or send my an in-game mail if I'm MIA.

Thanks, talk soon. :)
Hey Seahorse, if you're still looking for a guild I'd like to talk and see if we'd be a good fit for you. I'll try hitting you up in game, if not feel free to add me Gregamus#1508

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