[A] Skilled Is Geared 25man Recruiting!

Skilled is Geared is a Reformed 25man guild recruiting raiders with previous experience in WoW looking to break back into hardcore raiding.

The guild has been around since 2008 in Various forms and names but has recently returned to its original name on frostmourne alliance.

TOT progression. Our main priority is to get a stable, varied raid comp that works fluidly together. We are focused on Gearing players again as we are searching for players with the right attitude and mindset towards heroic raiding.

We will put in the time and effort to gear skilled players if you can put in the time and effort for us.

Raid Times: 7.30PM - 11.00PM GMT + 10


Currently Seeking:

2 x Holy Paladin

1 x Resto Druid

1 x Mage

1 x Hunter

1 x Warlock

1 x DK Dps

All other exceptional EXPERIENCED players considered.

What we want from you:

Have respect for all guild members
Know your class thoroughly and be able to tailor your glyphs, talents and (if applicable) specs to the fight

Come to raid prepared (potions/flasks and raid fights researched)
Be patient with progression. We are not interested in people who throw in the towel after a couple of wipes.

Learn from your mistakes; be able to take constructive criticism and turn it into a positive. We are not interested in people who continually make the same mistakes over and over
Listen and communicate through vent at the appropriate times

Give reasonable notice if an absence from raid is required.

For any more information on my Previous EXP or information about the guild please contact me on Boz#6468
I Have a 90 hunter named Henz, Im on my dk atm but stil give us a message ingame or add my real id
Bump for Warlocks and Frost Dks! 1/12 Also With
  • Horridon
  • being attempted this week!

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