Tyranical - What to buy?

I'm kinda unsure how to spend my Conquest points. I've been thinking about buying all the pieces I can share between Shadow and Disc, but it seems the 2/2 upgraded pieces are pretty close to the Tyricannical pieces. I think the bracer had upgraded stats all in the single digits.

So I guess I should purchase set specific pieces, which then leads me to Disc or Shadow... I love playing Shadow rather than healing, but it seems a whole lot easier to get into groups healing. It seems the make up is stacking up like:

Flag Carrier
Frost DK Target Caller
3 Healers

and the DPS is Warlock, Mage, Melee, Boomkin, and who knows what else. But people seem to keep taking extra Warlocks or a Rogue.

So does anyone have any advice? Should I only buy the tier pieces and leave the 2/2 upgraded items be? Any advice for Disc versus Shadow? (Or should I respec back into Holy? my gosh it's been a while since I've done that.)

What are people doing these days, especially the Discs that went Shadow last season?
Well I have one disc priest, one holy priest and one shadow priest. So... yeah. In the grand scheme of things, which piece you buy first doesn't matter. If the little details are that important to you, buy the main set pieces that have all the stats upgraded for you.

Would also suggest you play the spec you want to play.

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