[RP] Into the Shadows

Emerald Dream
"Sir, You can't be serious." Skure studied Linus's demeanor. "The shadows have etched this into being, it will be done." Linus hissed quietly. "I just don't believe this decision should be a hasty one." Linus ignored the statement and looked intently on the old oil painting on the broken brick wall. Skure reluctantly slouched over in the old rotten bench he sat on, contemplating his next words. With a deep breathe he continued. "What name?", "Spiders Web" Linus hastily retorted. Skure smirked "How did i know you were going to say that?" What looked like a crooked uncomfortable smile began to form, he then continued naming off several. None of which had a particularly good ring too it. Skure interrupted him "How about Shadow Guide?" , " What makes yours so much better?" Linus replied. "I've always been a better writer." Skure looked over sarcastically, Linus hacked a deathly cough that covered his chuckle , "Alright, lets begin the paperwork." Skure hesitated, "...What paperwork?". "The guides must be written.." , "Its safe to assume that I will be writing them?" Skure murmured . Linus's broken smile grinned as he bumped a pen toward Skure. Lets begin..

(( Notes about the guild:

Shadow Guide [1] RP Events, RP-PVP, W-RP-PVP

Shadow Guide is a RP-PvP focused guild (PvE still up in the air). Our organization will not be recruiting mass numbers (we will eventually begin selected recruiting when our desired numbers have been reached). We will only recruit those who have a serious desire to embark on their journey to become a Shade, also, until the RP events made for recruits are completed, recruits will not be able to read or type in guild chat. All members of Shadow Guide will be embraced and taught in a friendly manner by all in the guild (We will also assist recruit ranks and individuals who wish to only be allies or friends with Shadow Guide;aka not join its ranks). Trolling eradicates the joy of RP, moral standards will be in place for members and advised for allies. Harassment or Assault on a player OOC will not be allowed. Our primary task is to assault our "in game" targeted enemies and assist our "in game" designated allies. Note: We publicly denounce W-PvP Zerging, and Elitism without concern of another players personal game experience or welfare.

level 20+
All Classes Welcome
All Races Welcome
Recruiting for RBG's and Arena teams

No prior guild, raid or pvp experience needed to join Shadow Guide.

Experience IS needed to join our dedicated RBG/Arena team(s). (Substitute training teams will be employed for training requirements.)

If we are partied with members who do not show adequate ability in PvP or PvE we will respectfully ask if that person would like private assistance.

Favoritism is discouraged.

Events will be scheduled on guild calendar. Some events will be on week days, However, all major events will be weekends in accommodation to work/school schedules. (Allies and Friends must request further information regarding events. )

If your interested in joining, please send a letter in game to me (Skure).
If you have any questions feel free to message in game, OOC.

The point is weakest
The handle is dullest
Shadows offer promise
Our web brings solace
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