How do I pvp as blood?

Death Knight
What do you use for survivability/ damage? I've always been frost trying blood now to run flags, and just to live forever, any tips? any macros?... any advice will be appreciated...

Thank you!
Hold aggro on your enemy and let everybody around you beat them up.
Get kited slowly to death by range

make most melee rage really fast
Your main attacks are heart strike, rune strike and death strike. Try to keep them in death and decay and rune strike anytime you can since it can't be avoided and was just buffed. So just rotate hs,rs and ds. Your main goal is just to stay on top of them and melee them down slowly. When you get em down to around 40% then asphixiate them and soul reaper them and you should be able to finish them off.

Macro vampiric blood and rune tap together. Make a separate macro that has everything in it, bone shield, icebound, ams, potion, drop banner, pop health trinket. Yes you can macro all that together and go from like nothing back to almost full. Take the conversion talent cause its boss right now just watch it if you're rune striking cause you'll end up turning it off.

You don't have a ton of mobility so if you're guarding a node and a priest or lock is coming in you can desecrated ground or ams. Standard dk stuff here.

That's the fighting.

The flag carrying is stay alive. Use your ams or anti magic zone offensively when running a flag. If you peek a caster riding your way and you don't have peels then that's when you use them. If you are in WSG and a caster comes into the room and you are alone pop army or your ghoul just to slow them a bit. Staying alive as a blood is pretty easy but you gotta stay above 50% at ALL times. If you go below 50 you can be chain stunned to dead pretty easy. That help?
To add, take health pots. I always keep like 40 on me all the time. And use flask of the earth for stamina buff. When I end up in BFG I always tell everyone ill guard mines with 1 other person so they can all go ww at start. The nice thing about blood is you are so durable you can free up almost all of your team to do what needs to be done. That can't be underestimated. Yeah you'll look like a tard when you end up with 5 enemies trying to kill you on the beach in sota but that's five enemies that aren't attacking your demos.

It gets a lot of flack on the forums but blood is just a different play style in pvp and its a lot of fun IMO. And even though I don't go out of my way to dps as blood in bg's if they aren't a healer they are fair game. You'll kill them cause you will outlast them and widdle them down. Fun stuff when a hunter blows everything he has then dont know what to do. Or you ams that locks chaos bolt.

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