504 Hunter/497 Resto Shaman LF Horde Guild

Hello, I am a Marine stationed on Okinawa looking for a preferably weekend friendly or oceanic based/early morning guild that is progression oriented but not hardcore.A little background of myself...

I started playing mid way through vanilla and have been steadily playing on and off since. I have raided across all expansions from casual laid back guilds to server first progression oriented guilds. I am an experienced mature and intelligent raider looking to get into the non LFR raiding scene again.

I raided Molten Core and ZG and AQ in vanilla
Dedicated raider since BC Kara-BT
Raided LK through ICC was part of a guild that accomplished multiple Ulduar Hardmodes 10M chased server first ToGC and Heroics
Raided Dragon Soul in Cata as joining the military made it impossible to maintain a steady raiding schedule though i pugged all tiers when i could.
Currently ive raided LFR mainly with HoF 10M experience and some ToT experience

As stated i am Military stationed overseas so my hours are a big reason im looking for an oceanic transfer. My evenings are usually quiet unless the unexpected happens and weekends are totally open.I am wiling to transfer one or both my toons depending on needs and fit.

I have raided cutting edge progression so i do have that aspect to my playstyle, i chase meters, im competitive when it comes to my performance, and read up on forums and Ej to squeeze as much as i can out every attempt i put in but i enjoy a stable fun intelligent guild that i can call home but is all business when it comes down to it.

Horde only, i played alliance for years and am burnt out on Goats and Nelfs

Thank you in advance


RealID is Albuerne#1520 if you wish to speak with me personally

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