"Reagents" & "D/E's Into" Gone for Items

Mobile Bug Report
Starting sometime within the last few days, the list of reagents for creating items and the "Disenchants Into" lists are both gone from all items. I did not find any other posts about this, so I am wondering if this was an intended change in the app or if it is a bug.

Personally, I found the reagents list for items to be quite useful, and I really hope that it will be brought back. As far as the "disenchants into" feature goes, it was extremely useful for low level items when leveling Enchanting, because I could just look on the app instead of having to look it up on Wowhead. (It was, however, useless for higher level items, since it just said every Pandaria epic disenchanted into a Sha Crystal.)
I agree, wholly. It was tremendously helpful. Blizzard, please consider bringing that feature back if it was removed intentionally.
We have plans to re-enable these in the next update.

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