Justice screams for Vengeance ((open RP))

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Only one word came to mind for the situation, run.

Jere charged through the woods, his armor left behind as he leaped over roots and skidded underneath fallen trees. He could hear the fires of engine behind him, trees splintering and spraying chips of wood against his back. The human skirted under another fallen tree again, looking over his shoulder.

It was clearly one of Gallywix’ version III shredders, although Garrosh had repurposed them as slaughter machines in his defence of Orgrimmar. Now the Kor'kron that operated them used the machines to hunt down anyone who would oppose his rule. Jaden heard the piercing shriek of the cutting blade as it wuizzed through the air, ducking to barely avoid the flying saw as it cut clean through one of the large trees.

The Paladin darted behind another fallen tree, making sure to time it his best as he sprinted the opposite way, only just able to lose the Kor'kron shredder. He kept running, forgetting all about his plate armor left behind at camp. The clothes that he wore underneath had become covered in sweat and blood since he started running, and he had a feeling that anything he had at the camp would of been destroyed now. He cursed, making sure to stay away from the main road. The Kor'kron had almost completely cut down all of Ashenvale. But Jere kept running, hoping he could at least find solace with the Night elves.

He couldn’t stop playing the scene in his head. The assault was assured, victory, was within their grasp. Both Alliance and Horde had tore down Garrosh’ front door. But something happened. Something terrible. “It” appeared, taking possession of the crazed warchief, before he struck down the only chance the horde had left at redemption. He couldn't remember much after that, only that the order to retreat had been given. Jere wasn't sure about much, he didn’t even know if his king got out alive or not, but he did know this.

Thrall is dead.

He pushed the thought from his mind. He needed to get back to Stormwind, some way, or another. He had to get help, he needed to get Allies. He had seen the Gunships, he had seen the sha. Garrosh was going to take the fight back to Stormwind.

((Hello, and welcome to Justice screams for Vengeance. I haven't really done a forum RP in a year or two, and decided that I would take a shot at it. I guess this is to answer the question of what happens if the rebellion fails. Here's hoping for plenty of participation, not only from the Alliance and Horde, but also from those wishing to represent the Kor'kron as well!))

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