Holy Pally Looking for Raiding Guild

Ilvl 490 <--- Added because that was a common question.

I just hit 90 on this toon 4/28 but I am interested in finding a raiding guild already. I know my gear sucks but I am a veteran of the game. I have been playing since BC did Kara, Grulls, Hyjal and SCC (got deployed to Afghanistan so couldn't go further.)
In Wrath I was 11/12 HM and completed all of Ulduar HM except Yogg 0 and Elegan.
In Cata Completed finished all tiers.

This is where I took a break of the game due to work schedules and so I came back for tier 14 to do some heroics and guild fell apart after we transferred servers.

I decided to join my my friends on a alliance guild and shortly after they took a break from WoW So I was alone stuck alliance and didnt like the guild I was in.

Decided to level a pally I had lvl 85 to 90 on Mal'Ganis and now looking for a guild

My old toon is Demoralyze on Cenarian Circle

Thank you for your time!
If you haven't found a home yet, please consider Mutual Hatred. We are currently rebuilding our progression team for ToT and specifically looking to fill about 4 core spots and standbys. We raid on Friday and Saturday evenings 8-11pm server. Please feel free to contact myself or Fluffypo (our raid leader) in game or visit our website mutualhatred.webs.com for more info.
<Procella Oculus> Looking for more players to fill out our roster.

Raid Times: Tues/Thurs 8-10:30 PM Server (Third Night Being Added Sometime in the Future)
1/12 Normal ToT

About Us: As a guild we have been around since Sept 2007 on the Velen realm. We're a good bunch of folks with a wide range of raiding experience all throughout Cata and Wrath. Recently transferred due to low population and lack of commitment from our random, recent applicants (Hence little progression). Our core consists of a group of people that acts as a family group of people, very committed to each player individually and as a group

Looking for players that like a casual atmosphere with a focussed attitude towards raiding and guild activities.

If this is something you'd like to pursue, please let me know in game or here, either works.

Battletag: XValenusX#1817
If you're avail for afternoons <Nocturnal> is looking for a few more dependable raiders to complete our team. We raid weds and thurs from noon til 4pm. Contact me and I can answer any questions you have.

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