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Bleeding Hollow

Guild: Bucklers of Swash
Realm: Bleeding Hollow - Alliance (PvP)

Guild mission: Bucklers of Swash was established in 2006 and continues to be a close-knit community of players. It was founded on the principle that this is a game, we should have fun playing it, and we should enjoy the people we play it with. Our primary focus is and has always been completing end-game PvE content in both an enjoyable and timely fashion with those whose company we also enjoy.


Casual/social recruiting:
We welcome any and all mature, respectful, and fun players who are interested in end-game content, casual play, just the social aspect of WoW, or a bit of it all, who play at any level or activity. Players looking to level new characters, wishing to participate in end-game content, or to just come hang around in a relaxed, upbeat game community are welcomed.

As a long-established guild, the core of our members are friendly, knowledgeable, and well-established in-game. Our many experienced players work with each other in content, crafting, gameplay questions, etc. Our social goal is to provide players with a friendly, mature, and enjoyable environment in which to come and play the game we all love.

We expect our members to be respectful of others, regardless of when or where they are playing. Childish behavior like name calling, picking fights, or having tantrums will get you a fast escort to the digital door that reads "Exit Only". This is a game! And in Bucklers of Swash, we're here to have fun at it, chat with each other, kill semi-imaginary monsters, and have a good time in a pleasant atmosphere

In short, please have a sense of humor and don’t be a raging lunatic. Anyone is welcome to join us as long as you are good with all that.



We are currently recruiting for a couple dps and healers. If you’re interested in raiding with us please contact Owaec in game for more info.


If what you see here or elsewhere interests you and you would like to join, if you have more questions, or you’d like to know more about the guild in general, you can visit our website

― www.bucklersofswash.net ―

Or contact
Owaec (Guild Master)

in-game or via the message system on our website.

If you would be transferring servers, we strongly encourage you to try us on for size.
You can make a character on Bleeding Hollow to check out the guild and server, join us in vent, listen in on a raid, chat with our members, and see if you really like it as much as you think you will.
If you decide you want to join us, there is an application on our website which we do require when joining. We use it for several reasons. The less-wonderful reason is that it's a rather decent jerk filter (we prefer to not invite those if we can help it). The more positive ones are that we use it as your start date when referencing your time in the guild, it gives you a chance to introduce yourself, and helps clarify what your expectations are in joining the guild so everyone's on the same page.

So if you'd like to be in the boat with us, please stop by our website at some point and make it official!

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Need more pirates!
Some more details on our raid team, as Cleo said we are looking for a healer and a couple DPS, we are looking for 495+ ilvl; however we may consider you if your personality, skill and effort and just need a few more lvls to go.

We are a 10 man team that likes to see all the content in the tier, we are currently 6/12 in ToT. We ask everyone to know their class, research boss fights and be prepared for the raid. Several of used to raid hard core in some fashion and have decided to take a more fun approach to raiding over the last two expansions enjoying the content.

We raid 3 nights a week 9-12 ST/EST, Monday is our optional last tier night with Tuesday and Wednesday being our current tier nights.

If you think you would enjoy this raid environment, please feel free to submit an application or contact myself or the other officers.
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shameful self promotion!
Strait to the top!
We're still looking for fun new members to spice up the guild! Message Cleospectra or Owaec in game for more info. :)
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Arrrggg Mateys!
We're wanting to liven things up a bit with some fresh faces! Come on and join in on the fun!
Are you hanging out on BH wishing you had a cool group of people to chill with?

Maybe you're just looking for a guild that feels like "home"?

Or maybe you're looking for a fun and relaxed raiding experience? Any way it goes, you're looking for <Bucklers of Swash>! Come on down to our website and fill out an app!

All levels are welcome for social members!
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