<Pandamonia>2/13H LFM players for H Prog

<Pandamonia>is a Horde 10 man heroic progression guild. We raid 3 nights per week. We are on Blackrock, one of the most highly Horde populated pvp servers. We are currently 2/13 of Heroic Throne of Thunder. Our members strive to be not just great players, but great people too. We are friendly, mature, laid back, and work together to get the job done. Our #1 focus is killing bosses, but we offer a great community outside of raiding as well. You can contact me via my battle tag ColtonQ#1625 if you have any questions. We are always recruiting exceptional players!

Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday 5:30-9:00 Pacific Standard Time, 7:30-11:00 CST

Prot Pally
Enhancement Shaman
Ret Pally
any skilled tanks,dps, or healers will be considered regardless of class

Pandamonia members must exhibit a thorough understanding of their class and how to use it to the benefit of their groups. You will be interviewed, and will be asked about your class, and what to do in certain situations.We like people who can analyze challenges and offer solutions while accepting the ideas of others, and above all, we look for members who have that rare, but treasured combination of fun-loving maturity.

We were one of the top 3 guilds on a low pop server "Maelstrom", and decided there weren't enough "skilled" players to choose from over there, so we came to Blackrock. We were doing pretty good as far as progression, we had a few speed bumps that include losing 2 well geared monk tanks within less than a month due to personal issues, losing our GM and Prot pally tank(same person), our top end resto Shaman, a well skilled Prot Warrior, and Holy Paladin( possibly he hasn't given us an answer). We are trying to get Pandamonia back to its former glory, and would like YOU, if you are what we are looking for.

What makes <Pandamonia> stand out from other guilds?
The most common things look for in a guild they want to call home is a fun loving, somewhat hardcore raiding guild. We like to have fun but be serious in our raids at the same time. We have players that are constantly doing other things on non raid nights, so there is something for everyone. We offer a mature "family" environment, when i say family i mean we treat each other like family. Some of our jokes may be crude but you will love them :)

FANTASTIC PLAYERS - All of our players come prepared to raid. We do not bring players who need to be carried. There is no drama pushing people away. Everyone takes the extra time to research all encounters and class mechanics to excel.

FUN GUILD - We find the balance between staying focused in raids and having a light hearted fun time. We all want to enjoy the game, make good progression, and make new friends.

If you find yourself Interested please add myself ColtonQ#1624 to talk to me in-game or post here.
We just down H Ji-Kun with 2 pugs, so this guild has potential. We're 2/13 heroic now.

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