Wild Charge vs. Displacer Beast (PvP)

I've been having this debate with a Resto Druid I know for a while now. I'm in the camp that Displacer Beast is hands down better for organized PvP, especially arenas. It seems as if she has trouble when she gets trained by melee and I know from experience how hard it is to catch a rDruid that has that talent. That's why I've been bringing it up so much (since we've started RBG'ing together recently) but she's been pretty adamant about Wild Charge being better, even since the DB-putting-you-into-stealth days. That's one of the reasons why I'm not sure if she has a valid point or is just being stubborn (since DB back then was ridiculous). The debate is dead now since I'm not going to push the point on her any further but I am curious for my own personal reasons; is DB better than WC for organized PvP?
Displaer beast is best for resto on flat plain maps but they also need to be smart about aiming it to get outof line of site.

Wild charge is best on Z axis maps like dalaran sewers and warsong gultch. they drop a mushroom on the edge of another level so when they get targeted they can just jump up to that level to get away
Overall, displacer beast is HANDS DOWN better. Wild charge almost useless for boomkins/resto unless you feel like putting a mushroom down, jumping off, then teleporting back to it.

Tell the druid to use displacer, especially for arena. Makes it so easy to kite behind an LOS.
DB>WC. WC for Ferals and Guardians in pvp is the choice while DB is better for Resto/Moonkins.
db for pillar humping, wc for z axis maps.

if a druid gets used to one or they other they may not want to change just to cap points.

edit: i missed where you said rbgs. i prefer wild charge in bgs. just more versatile.
Does anyone use Feline Swiftness at all?
Does anyone use Feline Swiftness at all?

Bear druids take it for quick caps thats it
But it doesn't stack with PvP set movement speed bonus anymore..
Does anyone use Feline Swiftness at all?

Its not very useful for PvP, but maybe some PvE types like it.
I'm the resto druid in question.

I don't do arena, so the points about DB being best in arena are pretty mute, as far as I am personally concerned. I use it solely for RBGs. As others have said, the versatility, to me, in RBGs, is best. For me. And that's my opinion. I never said it was better hands-down, but I DO think the two talents are comparable in my situation... and it is up to personal preference which you decide to use.

At a glance:

DB: Cooldown, 30 seconds. (Uses GCD)

Teleport foward 20 yards and receive a 50% movement speed buff for 4 seconds. Teleport does not break target, to my knowledge. Even so, addons like gladius/BGT would make it very easy to re-target someone. This is the best 'get away' utility, definitely. I'm not contesting that.

WC: Cooldown, 15 seconds. (Half of DB, does not use GCD)

Humanoid: Fly to target ally's position. Usefulness: Situational. For example, if you get gripped and pushed off of a ledge, you can use this ability to pull yourself back on and avoid death or a long run-back time. LM in AB anyone?
Travel form: Leap forward (at a slow pace) 20 yards. Note: This is identical to the distance moved in DB... However, it is not as fast and it is NOT a teleport. It also does not temporarily increase your movement speed, but travel form is already faster (by default). Travel form speed buff is 40%. (For comparison, cat is 25% with an additional 50% on top of that for 4 seconds from DB.) Downside to this, besides the slow leap? It can get glitchy if you are on uneven terrain.
Bear: Charge and immobilize for four seconds.
Cat: Leap and daze for three seconds.

Both bear and cat are useful in that they delay a person's movement. I find this especially important if I'm trying to stop a certain person, such as an EFC, from getting away. It's an added bonus on top of other CC's such as vortex and roots.

In short: The fact that WC in travel form is a gimped version of DB pales in comparison to the other utility I get from WC in my other forms.

I must say... I didn't realize the mushroom trick. I always read it as 'target ally's position' and assumed that just meant something with a heartbeat... silly me. I'm going to have to mess around with that. I'll start leaving mushrooms on ledges of things for an easy pull-back in case someone is out of range.

I used Feline Swiftness while leveling 'cause... speed and stuff.

Edit: I neglected to mention what wild charge does in aquatic form. It gives you a speed buff for an already fast-moving creature within water. This is useful in maps that have water (Twin Peaks, I'm looking at you). I did one RBG where myself and a guardian druid turtled for the last few minutes underneath our own bridge in aquatic form while the rest of our team was able to keep them away. To make it even better, the MW monk's orbs were dropping through the bridge on top of us...
Anymore opinions?
ive said what i have to say on the wc/db thing.

but other than that? yeah a few things.

Kanzian try gemming straight up res. ignore socket bonuses and just put 320 res everywhere.

glyph lifebloom, barkskin and regrowth ( or blooming depending on pref)

pick a haste break point and hit it. you have like 700 over a break point that could be reforged


the int enchant on you back is better than the stam i believe
Coming from a 2500+ in rbgs Wild Charge is so much better. Much more utility. Anyone that says otherwise dont understand the many uses. Ex- place a wild mushroom in a prime spot and you can wild charge it such as leaving a mushroom on a hill dumbasses follow you down and you wild charge back up to it haha.
Also remember any dmg breaks stealth so bleeds, dots etc in rhgs are almost always on you so all DB is is a blink drop target cd.
Also remember any dmg breaks stealth so bleeds, dots etc in rhgs are almost always on you so all DB is is a blink drop target cd.
Displacer Beast hasnt put druids in stealth for a while now ...
Another reason it's bad so thanks for settling the argument it was actually decent when it stealthed.

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