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Hello, earlier today I was playing on WoW trying to level up my character. After a few hours of playtime I logged off to go do some things in real life. I then went back to the computer and organized my desktop and I renamed World of Warcraft-64 to World of Warcraft now when I try and enter WoW it gives me a pop up saying "World of Warcraft is preforming initial setup of required data files. this may take a few minutes. You may also cancel this process and allow the launcher to complete installation." Also, when I clicked on WoW three files popped up on my desktop. I then closed down the process and went to the set up program, it was on playable so I clicked play and a pop up appeared saying that I should probably close my anti-virus software and some other stuff. I then opened up WoW again for the process bar to finish. Its 60% of the way there, I would like to know what happened, why did it happen and can I ever change the name of WoW? I don't know if this will help but I am on a Macintosh?
Really sounds like you've accidently dragged the Launcher to the desktop and it's attempting to set up a new wow folder.

Check you have a World of Warcraft folder in Applications then create an alias of the Launcher to the Desktop.

Aliases you can rename.
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