Glorious Conquest Vendors Removed Until 5.3

The Glorious Conquest PvP quartermasters (Acon Deathwielder for the Horde and Ethan Natice for the Alliance) will be removed to refit the items that they sell before patch 5.3 arrives. Glorious Conquest PvP gear is being changed from item level 512 to item level 496, but this wasn’t a change that could be applied via a hotfix. In the meantime, we wanted to avoid a situation where players intending to purchase upgrades would buy these items, only to find that they had purchased cosmetic items when they are reduced to their new item levels with the arrival of patch 5.3.

You can read about the coming item changes in the PvP Gear in Patch 5.3 blog. See you on the battlefield!
does this mean that the higher rated players aren't going to be able to buy elite gear before the patch hits?
Well this just got interesting...
As us battle gnomes would say --- no biggie.
It means there is no elite gear. It's all going to be cosmetic upgrades. The highest pvp iLvl will now be 496.
I dont get it, is it gonna be removed this season?
I love it when they do RP for game mechanics - awesome! Hope their wares aren't goblin-made!

-PW Hermonk
Sounds like the new patch will hit tomorrow
Does this mean that you will now have to hit 2200 in 3v3, 5v5, or RBGs now in order to purchase these sets?

Or will you only still need the 27,000 conquest points needed as it was originally stated?

If you could clarify, thanks!
In patches that don’t include a new season (including patch 5.3), the seasonal currency requirement of 7,250 Conquest Points earned will be lifted from weapons. The seasonal currency requirement must always be met to purchase Elite items, though.
Once the 27,000 Conquest Point seasonal currency requirement is reached, players will be able to purchase Tyrannical Gladiator’s gear with Honor Points.
If 5.3 doesn't hit within a week or two people are going to be fully tyrannical geared and have nothing left to spend conquest on, and with the conquest cap being 5k... This really needs to be addressed before 5.3 is released cause as far as I've heard it will not be out for a few weeks and I would like to not have a week of wasted conquest.
Also will pvp gems be released any time soon like the ones we had in Cataclysm that, could help with the players who are going to have to sit on conquest without anything to buy assuming 5.3 ins't out soon, Oh wow I'm dumb we're going to be able to buy tyrannical with honor once we acquire the 25,000 conquest for the season, which really makes conquest even more useless than I thought, If I missed something please inform me.
very interesting.
This has been in the PTR patch notes for some time people. Read the first line under PVP and you will see there will be no more elite gear. After you have gotten your full Tyrannical set the only reason to PVP at that point is to get cosmetic upgrades and increase your rating. For hardcore pvpers I suppose that's fine.

I though don't fell much inclination to PVP anymore if my gear is going to be that far behind my PVE gear. Once I get the latest PVP gear there won't be much reason to PVP anymore because I am never going to get to 2200 so what's the point if I can not get gear rewards?

It also does not make sense to me that PVE gets to have multiple levels of gear per patch but PVP does not. This is now how the gear progression works for PVP and PVE;

Crafted/Instance--->Raid Finder--->Normal Raid--->Heroic Raid

Crafted/Honor--->Conquest--->Vanity Items???

That does not make any sense to me. I can't believe they think that many people will PVP for low level gear and keep pvping after they have the set for vanity items.
Well this gives me a chance to catch up! "No-Biggy" Gonnarheal =)
I'm full tyrannical this week, Blizzard you're really starting to drop the ball like hard pvp is going to die soon there is already no reason to push rating for Rbgs people just don't care about them anymore... I was looking forward to start moving into my elite gear but looks like that idea just got shot. Next patch is going to be hunters taking over the world. While you only buff WW rising sun kick? You know if we get parried or dodged our dmg will drop hard right? why not put the dmg back into our stance it would only scale it properly. Look at dk's dmg you don't need to know how to play the class to do the highest dmg a lock or mage should be able to beat a melee classes dmg but instead you make locks a tank and only good for their chaos bolts? I don't understand where you guys are going with trying to balance this game it's been out for years you'd think you'd be able to almost be there by now but instead you are making it worse... Now with these changes to gear and having pve trinkets in pvp I don't think I can stand by this anymore it's getting harder and harder every patch and update losing hope here.
The PVP levels changes were explained a while back. The PVP players that did not get/have their gear to the higher levels because of limited game play time, just started playing, returned to game play and so forth were allowed to be competitive. As each patch raised the stats on PVP gear the ones who had the best gear were now able to increase the overall stat gap and by stats alone were unfairly limiting others ability to advance. The PVP game playing field needed to have some balance applied that limited/reduced the extreme stat/power of the higher geared players. The changes will not change the individual players abilities to play the game. A player who has the ability/skill sets to play better then will earn better gear. If the top PVP players have the skillset/abilities to excell then they still will. They will just have to use those skills to mantain their rankings/levels by actual play.

I know the replies will be why are the best players being punished. They are not. Just because one needs to stay on top of their game play by skills and not overpowering stats just keeps things competitive. One needs to compete to maintain their ranking. Any player who learns how to use and gear their toon to it's best points will be able to compete and advance with the increase of their own ability to play the game. What is wrong with that? I am not afraid of a player learning or having the personal ability to play better then me. It just means I will need to increase my skill set to stay competitve. What a novel idea of having to compete to stay on top. A game shouldn't be controled or managed that allows the ones in the top rankings to rest on their past accomplishment. All PVP play should allow all a chance to compete to win and advance.

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