Glorious Conquest Vendors Removed Until 5.3

One week to gear up is pretty damn little imho. Sure lessor geared than most at that time. But catching up fast enough. I don't have a problem with it. And like I mentioned before, it's my opinion the whines for equal gear are just another prime example of the young "I want it now" crowd

the problem is that not everybody has the time to devote enough time to gear up that fast...lets say that I have a full time job and night school, plus a wife and kids. that means that if i am very lucky if i am able play for about an hour a night. I find it very hard to get my cap every week, do my dailies and work on my profs. In my honost personal opinion they should drop elite gear all together so that the people who cant play 4+ hours a day can stay competitive.

~Just my 2 copper
If you feel that there will be no point to play after you have obtained all the tyrannical gear then you might have lost your PvP spirit or maybe never had it

you obviously are someone who isnt very good at pvp or pvp much at all...
another handout for bad players.
Now i remember why i stopped playing this game for a few years after WoTLK came out.
things continue to get easier and dumbed down for ppl.

I find it very hard to get my cap every week, do my dailies and work on my profs

Learn to manage your time and character better because i am active duty military, have a family, and find its not that hard to get caps right now. how long does your average 2v2 or 3v3 even last that you cant get arena capped or close to capped in an hour? lol
Learn to manage your time and character better because i am active duty military, have a family, and find its not that hard to get caps right now. how long does your average 2v2 or 3v3 even last that you cant get arena capped or close to capped in an hour? lol

I said "If i am very lucky"
Sorry keybuh, but I don't buy it for even one minute. If you want to get the pvp gear in a week you can do it. If you choose to do dailies and professions instead, that's your choice.
Absurdly, some people say it's an unfair advantage when literally anyone above 1800 could get it next week under the same system, and many will get it this week. PVP is the lowest maintenance aspect of WoW: you can do it at any time, it takes 4 hours tops to fully cap, and you can push rating with extra time whenever you want to.

The people who spend "4+ hours a day?" Often times (since it only takes 4 hours to cap) they cap 3-5 alts (they are very happy about these changes), and despite being in honor gear they farm 1600-2000 teams in rbgs; so would it be convenient for you if they had your gear? So now let's punish the alts to make it even more "balanced?" Find something else to blame? Or maybe take responsibility and either work hard, or accept that you didn't have the time/resources to work hard enough at a VIDEO GAME with fake Chinese dragons flying around.

There's not enough time to play because there's a wife, job, kids, so instead of acknowledging the results of your actions/choices (which are good) and taking responsibility, you whine, blame others, want what others have with less work? It's their fault you have a good job and a family? They don't have families or jobs? My girlfriend and job don't exist anymore? What a self-centered way of perceiving things. Directed at no one in particular.
They just removed elite gear from the game in patch 5.2 no cosmetics, no stat upgrades, absolutely nada.
So, one week from today i will be fully geared and have nothing to spend conquest on. Wouldnt be so bad if i had more than one gear set but uhmm....rogue.

You could spend 600 conquest points on Spirit of Harmony If you feel that way. They are very useful for lots of different things such as currency for resources and formulas, creating both starter and advanced MOP equipment (advanced equipment need additional spirits such as Blood Spirit ), they are also needed to make certain useful items such as Wormhole Generator: Pandaria, Angerhide Leg Armor (and the other versions), and lots of other cool stuff. And if you don't need any of that stuff you could auction the stuff you make from them or exchange them for.
Thanks for ruining pvp blizzard. !@#$ing ridiculous. First off you guy's don't even know how to balance classes for pvp. Second of all your ruining pvp with these stupid changes. Third is a question, what makes you think that some of the things you do is okay? You're making it so unwanting to play this damn game anymore for the ones who pvp only. Not everyone is into 45 minute fights in pve and like to bore ourselves to death. Seriously get your %^-* straight.
I am totally with ya there Albino. I raided 6 nites a week in Vanilla and most of TBC. After our midnight raids in TBC, in S1, I would arena with guildies till dawn when I would go to bed so I could work that night. By the next expansion it was major boring to pve and I only did a little bit, but I always did pvp.

Today I don't pve at all. it's too easy and too boring. Same crap over & over.

My only interest is pvp and I've liked it since I got into it on my hunter in vanilla and made warlord. Come 5.3, as it stands now, I'll not play any longer most likely. It's already horrible in arena with 3 min or less zerg crap down matches for the most part.

5.3 just makes it more retarded.
It's a step in the good way imo. I don't see good arena players whine about it. You know why? cause gear doesn't make the difference. The only people I see whining are the people doing rbgs and wintrading.


Lol you where right. I don't pvp much but so many rating achievements in the same day....yeah right.
There are two sets of Con pvp gear, the second set requires 27k Con for the season to be able to buy.
I love how they waited until the week most people would be full tyrannical and ready to upgrade. Just like HAHAHA SYKE you get nothing.
WoW has finally got to the point of no return,
blizzard you fail hard istead of dumming down wow to a 12 yr old friendly game you should join forces with fisher price and make someting stupid and quit fu**ing up the one game that used to be good.
Why is it that people say they don't like facing people in elite gear because they just started and it doesn't feel fair? Should you be able to step into the latest heroic raid without any effort?

If you just started you should be running random BGs and getting honor gear. You are not going to run into tons of elite geared players there. Plus you can often pick your battles and come across people in all sorts of gear.

Once you have your honor gear you can work on your conquest set. Yes it takes time, just like PVE takes time to gear up so you can play at higher levels. For a lot of people the ratings are a bonus but the fun is in improving gear.

You are going to see a huge drop in PVP once people have their sets. Most people are not going to care to put in a ton of time for vanity items and rating.
My only complaint about this is that since Blizzard knew they were making this change for a few months now, they should have had a better plan of action than to temporarily remove the vendors. Would it really have been that difficult to plan ahead for a change that involves setting the stats of the elite gear to be identical to gear that already exists in the game anyway? What's that take - changing a few dozen rows in a database prior to the instances restarting? C'mon.
Elietist PvPers are the only one that care about this, rank 1's will still be rank 1. So the people this is actually effecting don't even care because they will still beat you.

Its not catering to bad players, it's catering to people with responsiblilites (AKA the Dev staff). People with jobs, kids, and/or school. Mostly because these responsible people actually make their own money and live in their own homes, they are a worthy cause to build a game around.

Having 512 PvP gear promotes you to strive for something that is just unreasonable to obtain on more than one character, assuming that you have something to be responsible for (even if its just yourself).
Do your time, earn your way & your gear. Equal gear will just further expose imbalances of class/spec/race.

Can you explain how exposing Blizz's !@#$ty class balance is a bad thing? You word it like it's bad to expose imbalance.

For example, I play 2v2s with my brother to cap. We play double blood (Yeah, I know. We hit 1726 once, not bad, I'd say). If we face, say... Arms/Beast Mastery, its a faceroll EVERY time.

If we play a Mistweaver/Windwalker combo, which we have, we literally cannot do anything except blood boil or run away half of the time, so we die.

There are serious issues with class balance at the moment. In 2s at 1600-1700 right now for us, its coming down to what comp we face.

Double DPS build? 90% wins, especially 2x physical dps. Could probably beat certain physical dps comps 1v2. I'm sure that pisses people off, seeing double Blood and knowing they'll lose.

Hpally Or Disc plus DPS build (especially caster dps)? 80% losses. Even chaining Strangulate and DRW and ERW, we cannot outdamage Hpally heals or control Disc for long enough to kill the dps or the healer. Too much CC.

I cannot think of any comps that 2xBlood has consistently shown any semblance of balance against in the 100 games I've played this season. I'm willing to bet I can call (and have called) with 90% accuracy whether we'll win a game or not after seeing the comp pop up on screen.

This is only MY comp i'm talking about. I'm sure every comp that has played enough games together will realize that there are just comps out there that are impossible to counter.

I understand that there will always be counters to every class. Point is that right now, the counters aren't "Class X spec X crushes Class Y spec Y, and is fairly equal against everything else," they're more like "Class X facerolls any healer hands down but has nothing against physical DPS" or something of the like.

So, again, why is equalizing gear to show these imbalances a BAD thing?

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