Glorious Conquest Vendors Removed Until 5.3

do u ever take into account how many subscribers u about to lose with this pvp change. Take the carrot off the stick already let the player have the promised elite gear and make it an uppgrade or else you lose all your games luster and soon blizzcon will be blizzgone.
Removing the vendor stopped us from being able to use 1 or 2 elite pieces for a week or two before the patch hits and gets nerfed again, and it's good they took it out otherwise everyone would be up in arms about the rating gained in the 2 weeks before the patch that others couldn't get in time

in my first post i asked they make the 27k conquest milestone that lets you purchase tyrannical gear with honor account wide, so at this point in the season, our other toons are viable for high rated play, and we can't be expected to cap all of our toons and keep them all at 2k RBGs or 2200 arena's all season, that can be viewed as asking for free gear on other toons, or asking to remove the gear gap and that is not what it's about, because you have to earn that 27k mark

I agree with that, personally i pvp for Rating/Achievement > Gear > Competition > Fun, i think most players, or good players follow that priority list, especially being that rating/achievement, gives gear ontop of bragging rights, or atleast a sense of accomplishment, pride or victory in a competitive setting. You gear to be viable, not viable to get gear

I agree about the 2-3 week imbalance.

In MMOs you get rewards with utility, otherwise why not save $15 a month and play Mario Kart or something. Receiving gear as a reward has been a universal part of WoW from day 1.

You receive one weapon in Nov 2012, max gear in Dec/Jan 2013, then have zero actual upgrades for 5 months, and with a 12 hour slap before your first item you end up buying 6 Spirits of Harmony. It is truly appalling. No one wants/needs OP gear in arena/rbgs, 496 cap is fine, but the execution was atrocious.

Actually zero gear upgrades is untrue, we all got PVE trinkets/gear. Shado Pan treat us nicely, one LFR = a 522 trinket, whereas 3 months of conq capping = +2 ilvl for 5k gold enchants/gems.

It shouldn't even be debated that we get elite 512 gear (which scales down). Some people want to world pvp, do some pve, or whatever. They earned 27k conquest points and should definitely have it. Some hate rbgs and did them just to hit this cap.

Not to mention the silent pvp power nerf: 400 pvp power will be 1% instead of 265 1% on live. It completely invalidates Blizzard's previous post that fully heroic geared players will be equal to full conq geared. Why are pvpers going to be torn to pieces in world pvp? It should be the complete opposite. Totally ridiculous. Personally I'm getting my 2-piece pve from LFR and rbging with that next patch. It's not like 1800 pvp power loss means anything.
Picture a venn diagram, pve players on one side, pvp players on the other, and those who do both in the middle. This change, and all the other pvp changes, are effecting the entire venn diagram, but only really positively effecting the pve side. If all the ilvls are going to be scaled down in arenas/rbgs/bgs then why not keep the higher ilvl pvp gear? That way high rated pvp players have more chance to get into a raid, which can help them get better gear for them in pvp. It seems like you're over-solving a problem, as is so often the case.

I see huge benefits coming to those who are able to raid regularly at a high level, because they will have a wider array of gear available to them. Perhaps a piece of gear drops that has better stats for their spec than any of the pvp gear does, and no one else in their raid needs it. They can just gem it with pvp power and its better than what a full-time pvp player can get. Look at the set bonuses for some of the raid gear right now. You think dk damage is stupid right now? Wait until they have their little zandallari minions running around and their soul reaper is blowing up for 80k while your at 45% health. Or imagine a warrior who can use basically 2 recklessness cooldowns with their pve 4set.

Its taking what many thought to be an unfair gear advantage away from people who dedicate their time to pvp (who should be rewarded with an advantage because thats pretty much been the way this game works; more time=more rewards) and giving an unfair advantage to those who pve.
Phroz i get what you're saying, but i don't agree. i know skill can't be realistically measured in actual gameplay, but this is the best way i can explain this. for this, skill will be measured with a 1-10 rating and both examples have about the same quality of pvp gear.
Player x is a par/sub par class/spec with a skill of 8 while player y is a somewhat overpowered class with a skill of about 5. Player x goes against player y in a bg, and gets pwnd.
Each and every wow player past like lvl 60 has been in a situation exactly like this, whether you are more like player x or player y, this has happened to you.
allowing everyone to get the best quality pvp gear easily like this would do absolutely nothing for balancing pvp. classes will still be overpowered, classes will still be underpowered. People will still be good, and people will still be noobs.
Really? You just took the entire season's goal away. I have been grinding to cap for every single week for months to get the elite weapon...and poof! It was just taken away...and in a hotfix? Blizz has been systematically destroying pvp. Huge changes to unbalanced classes, taking away abilities that have been there since vanilla while giving other classes ridic op buffs..and especially letting pve'ers play in pve gear...completely unfair to pvp'ers.

I have been debating quitting wow for months since blizzard can't get its act together...thank you for helping me make the decision. I'm done.
I agree. There is no point to pvp anymore imo. The gear rewards for higher rating have been taken away. Now the elite weapon reward for grinding and capping every week for months has been taken away. The unbalanced classes, the constant, drastic changes without notice. 5.3 will make all that gear grind useless by letting pve'ers pvp in pve gear. I have been a pvp'er every day for I'm canceling my account. gg blizz.
The idea is good. The implementation sucks. Pve gear is going to be better for pvp than pvp gear will be. They could have kept the pvp gear at the higher ilvl to at least make it comparable to raid gear, but now, as someone else stated, a couple pvp gems and they can now tear through the vastly inferior ilvl pvp gear. Sounds like a good time....
04/30/2013 06:32 PMPosted by Meghana

BG's going to be alot of green on green action :D
PvE is a gear-check. PvP is a test of skill. Anyone irritated by this change just enjoys gear-stomping new PvPers.
I believe that there is a good direction for this change. Though it will keep every PVPer through a very tough baseline with all the changes with PVP Resilience and iLvl, every victory will not be based anymore on better equipment, it will always be based on skill.

I am glad that Blizzard is giving a chance for other players who want to enter the PVP scene a good start unlike previous patches/seasons where players dominate with the better equipment...and remove the feeling of being "ganked" which demoralizes people to achieving more.

I believe its not the equipment that determines the win but the skill of outsmarting the enemy players is what's really important. I understand it will take some time and experience to figure out how to be a better player but what I appreciate with this is that Blizzard is honing you as a person/gamer that strives to overcome a barrier and rise/stand out from the crowd.
Quit complaining about balance. It has never been balanced. It will never be balanced. It works like this, if you get a melee class on you and can't get them off, you are going to die. end of story. The only thing I would like to see is another reduction in healing, simply because a healer should not be able to run straight at an opposing team and kill half of them with the few offensive spells they have, and also keep themselves and everyone else healed.
I agree and want to add. PVP is about skill take two players same lvl gear and see who wins skill will always win out. Blizz is fixing the fact that poor skilled players who get geared by carries can no longer get ratings and titles by being carried. Now pvp will be based on skill and the ability to hone skills in PVP. Exactly what was needed.
you sound lazy to me

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