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Watched the Video, stayed for Scooter, 3 AM!

Yeah, I first heard that version of Nessaja on Fura's old BWL compilation video, if any of you remember watching his videos in the vanilla days. I very much prefer the trance and rave in this over the incessant "THE PAINTED COW" in his allegedly more popular versions.

Im sad all the wpvp we've done with you isn't on here :(

I just wasn't rolling the camera, then, Teq. I have a bad habit of coming home late from work and just wanting to relax and kill stuff... and that usually passes for forgetting to run Fraps. I have demand in guild for another video, so maybe next time? =)

prior to that I'd never seen you before with the Gangster crew so was very curious in my approach

That's mostly my fault. I was under this toon name in Cata for its first half, when all we would do was attack Baradin Camp (as the Davysprocket Crew video on my channel shows). Sadly, I got tired of getting eaten by guards that 3-shot us and chased across two zones, so I went to Moon Guard to rp (I'm a lore nut) as an alliance draenei. You can get the rest of the story some other day =p
pretzel emobird is thinking on making his own video to show us up.... he was pretty bummed he wasn't in ours, he said that he really believed his tree being smashed into the ground would have made it. Said that he sat there watching and that he doesn't have a long attention span and could not find the smashing and burning of him in his tree form and was highly disappointed in this
I will pay you 100g to use paragraph spaces for a day, Tainted. And maybe the occasional period.

Edit: And the mere fact that I do not know who Emobird is underlines my point of why he is not in the video.
lol we don't need no stinking period! lol I get those one a month >:P

emo is kore's gm.. hey look is this what u wanted me to do?
I will go halfway with you as you did for me, and I'll send the 50g in the mail... if I don't see a lot of those wall of text run-on paragraphs for a day =p

KORE's GM can get in the god-damn video when he decides to show his face to these so-called fights they initiate. Three weekends in a row, we hear about a guildie getting ganked and KORE bringing in more people for a brawl. Then... guess what? Wait for it.... wait for it...


Nuffin happens. That's why you're not in the video.
At least its not my spelling. this has auto fix so I don't look so stupid. I love it. to bad wow doesn't.

LOL mr pretzel emo does not use the forms, but I can relay him your message if you would like that.
In FF7 manner,

"Who you callin' MR PRETZEL? Just dont sound right."
hummm ok how about Mr salty?
So I'm getting a lot of requests for more videos >.> What would everyone like to see in the next one?

And if you say "Dead pretzels" I suppose I can arrange that, but a dead cameraman can't record the pwnage that follows his demise. Already have intros planned out, just need... "What is the popular term? ... Cheddar?"
KORE held the line yeah!
100% irrelevant to this, would you guys be in need of a disc priest? I'm 1706cr and 1766 in 2's...just looking for more active players to pvp with.
sureeee whisper one of us in the game
Glad to see lots of wpvp on Stormreaver, keep it alive!
Nice video btw!

Thank you!

Also, could you let me know what you liked in the video (or what things I did right), so the next one will be of decent quality, too? Thanks :)
Nice video. I actually enjoyed it and, not gonna lie, am a lil inspired now.

What kind of software did you use for the editing? I'm temped to download some of the vods from my stream and make a video
good thing war don't stack int on their swards. You might have some much better insults

LMAO OMG finally you said something f'ing brilliant roses :P
[quote="87682078670"]I will pay you 100g to use paragraph spaces for a day, Tainted. And maybe the occasional period.

I used Pinnacle Studio 14 HD. It's a little archaic by today's standards, but it's a hell of a lot better than Windows Move Maker. Doesn't crash all the time either. If I activated its expansion features I'd be able to do some more advanced effects, but I think it went over alright.

It doesn't do scrolling credits, so you have to use multiple title sequences as in the previous video. I always wanted to recreate that FF3 scene.

And heaven, I have proof that you logged off in your scandalous vicious set!
i always laugh when i see a thread like this, where the only replies are by guild members of the guild the thread is about.

I count twelve different alliance replying to this thread, yourself included.

Members from three horde guilds other than Ganksters also replied.

Suck it.
What's going on today?
We gotta break away
We got a problem andI think it's going to make us go down
They think we're all the same
And always we're to blame
For !@#$ I think is lame
It's time to stop the game
I think it's time to pay
For everything you made me say
Y'all want a single say %^-* that
!@#$ that, %^-* that
Y'all want a single say !@#$ that
%^-* that, !@#$ that


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