Sentry Totem 183: Shaman of Steel

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This is our awesome OOC thread in which we bash trolls, ridicule bads, and discuss shaman-y topics of conversation. Anyone can join, and after a brief period of ridicule you'll be in our wonderful circle of torture.

Rules? We sort of don't maybe okay we have some.

1 - Thread titles follow the format Sentry Totem ##: Title.

2 - You cannot repeat titles or puns. You cannot break the format.

3 - You have an hour grace period to change your title. After that, no more unless it's breaking rules.

4 - Changing titles by popular vote is illegal. If you don't like the current title then get the next one.

5 - The next thread is made when the previous caps - 501 posts, 26 pages.

6 - Link the Archive intro (this!) and post that.

7 - After the quote, you can start the conversation. :3

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Completely forgot it was coming out in may.
Iron Man 3 > Man of Steel
Iron Man 3 > Man of Steel
More than likely since the new superman is a nobody. But it was the first title I could think of. *shrug*
Personally, I'm super excited for the new Superman movie.
Hey look, Keg can create threads again :)

Also, I'm going to Blizzcon in November, anyone else get tickets?
Hey look, Keg can create threads again :)
creating was the problem.

and nope, will only be watching on the direct tv stream if they have a pet worth getting.
I cut my finger at work, raid is going to be fun tonight T_T
DBZ abridged episode 34 came out last night.



DBZ abridged episode 34 came out last night.



HAHAHA awesome
muffin button
That is so not even the best part.

Muffin button pales in comparison to the galic gun.

Although, while there was a lot of funny things in 34, I think 33 was funnier overall.

"He's a super saiyan!"

And of course

"Oh a momma's boy, huh? I'll be your mommy..."
Iron Man 3 is awesome.
Man of Steel with probably also be awesome, but in a different way (plus how can you compare to a movie that isn't out yet?).
Star Trek Into Darkness will also be awesome, which I'm going to see this weekend.

I was going to go to Blizzcon, but I'm not now due to expense (on an absolute budget it would be $6k+) and my newly discovered lack of enjoyment when flying (I'm blaming the earthquakes) make that a bad idea.
Haven't seen Iron Man 3. QQ
Weeks late to the game, but finally meta.

Yay free damage.
Horridon mount dropped for us tonight, and I won it.

Also, go watch the trailer for Thor: The Dark World if you haven't already.
Durumu repeat kill

this is awfulllllllll
it was actually not as awful as I was expecting it to be after hydras.
Durumu repeat kill

this is awfulllllllll
its pretty painful for us, really doubt we'll get it down tonight :(

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