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anyone else watch those 2 tv show series :D
Nope. Nikita is crap, it doesn't even do the 90's series any honor at all. I hope it gets cancelled and goes off the air and burns... If they were gonna bring it back at LEAST they could have done was given it some originality.

As for Arrow.. sadly never got to see it, although john Barrowmen was in it. Bummed me out.
I watch Arrow, pretty amazing show
i like arrow, one of my favorite shows right now, as for nikita, compared to original one i really dont like it.
arrow is great, hopefully season 2 will bring us more fleshed out villains and not just whoever the big bad is.
Arrow's been an entertaining watch for me. I've been watching on Hulu for free. I won't say it's the BEST show ever (there's more predictability than I expected, I'm not a fan of the dramatic strain between ex's), but I still find it fun. Some of the ideas they have running are simply the kind that work for me.
Dislike Nikita but enjoying Arrow a decent bit.
Arrow is one of my favorite tv shows, but never got into nikita.

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