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I am looking at starting fresh on one of the Oceanic servers since I now work 3rd shift in the US and play in the mornings. What would be a good server to start on that is PvE and has a good balance of Alliance/Horde players?
Come to Dath!

Good people on both side's on the fence plus on Horde, you should find a raiding home fairly easily. Check out our forums - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/1180901/

Economy is good too. Good money to make while not being overall too expensive. And not too many idiots :)
When are your 'mornings?' They would need to be very early. There is about a 6-8 hour time difference (varies depending on where in US you are, and where in Aus/NZ the Oceanic players are).

If you started playing at 6am, most of the Oceanic players would have already gone to bed. If you started at 4am, you'd have a few late-night raiders, but the NZers and east-coast Aussies would likely be long gone.
It seems like you'd have more to gain from using a European server, if you can, since it would be afternoon/evening there.
I live on the east coast. I get home about 8am my time which is 10pm Sydney time. I joined Nagrand
Hope it goes fantastic for you! (and we don't drive you too mad :P)
I moved from the east coast to Sydney and I play on Nagrand good balance for PVE on both sides if that helps ya.

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