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Me and my brother was thinking of transfer to Hyjal, but I am just wonding what the server like, and do you have any heals/tank spot open for core?
Thanks for your reply!

The Alliance side of the server is the lower population side. If you're interested in progression raiding, have a look at wow-heroes. I saw you also started a thread in this forum and got solely Horde-replies... My advise would be to decide what type of progression / raiding guild you would like to be in and then make an alt on the faction you prefer to see for yourself :-) Alliance offers only a fraction of raiding opportunities compared to Horde. I personally enjoy the quiet times in trade chat...
Hello :)

I just transferred to Hyjal and I'm seeking out a guild. Your guild sounds great - I love raiding but hate the stress and pressure, so stress-free raiding sounds absolutely perfect. I'm still leveling up this character (Level 50 hunter), so I won't be joining in the raids for a little while, but it definitely seems like a nice guild environment to be in along the way. I'd love to join!
3/12 in ToT now :-)
Updated our recruitment needs. Our core team has about 14 raiders atm, but sometimes real life gets in the way so we're hoping to welcome some more players who aren't looking for a core spot necessarily, but like to step in every now and then. DPS/Tank or DPS/Healer hybrids are most welcome, but we'll work with what's available :)
Due to unreliable signups we're looking for 1 non-priest healer with decent knowledge of your class/spec. Must be able to make to both of our raidnights (Tues/Thurs 7.30-10pm).

Comment below or whisper Leyah or me (Elume, alts: Weis, Chocomel) in game if you're interested in joining.
Can still use a couple more healers for both our raidteams :)
We're raiding tonight at 7.30-10pm. You're welcome to try-out before you decide if you wanna join the guild. Talk to me in game for more info or an invite :-)
Still LF1M healer. Preference: Mistweaver Monk > Resto Druid > Shaman.

Our current group comp:

Prot Paladin
Brew Monk
Discipline Priest
Holy Paladin
Rdruid/MW Monk (to be recruited)
Ele/Resto Shaman
Ret Paladin
Frost Mage
Surv/BM Hunter
Destro Lock, Frost DK or Balance/Feral Druid


Blood DK
Surv Hunter
Holy Priest
4/12 in ToT now.
One spot available for a 500+ non-priest healer tonight (7.30-10pm starting at Megaera).
Killed Megaera on the 4th pull and Ji-kun (completely unprepared) on our 3rd pull tonight. 6/12 now! Go Giants! We're still looking for 1 healer for Tuesdays to complete our roster.
Still looking for a mistweaver monk or resto druid, available on (at least) Tuesdays from 7.30 till 10pm (PST).
Giants require more heals ;-)
Updated recruitment needs.
8/12 in ToT now.

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