How am I looking?

Gearwise, talents and glyphs ect. I know I have to replace my wrists and get better leggings. But are my talents and glyphs ok? Thanks!
You don't really need Glyph of Hammer of the Righteous. You should replace that with Glyph of Battle Healer. Your talents look fine.

Gear-wise, besides missing enchants, there's some oddities I see. You have a few pieces of haste gear, but you've reforged out of the haste on one of them but out of the mastery on another. You also have a mastery gem in your boots but a haste gem in your trinket. Are you trying to go for a haste build or a mastery build?

Also, dodge is awful and you should never reforge into dodge (if for some reason you have to pick an avoidance stat to keep, keep parry).

Besides that, I would also change the stamina gem in your helm to expertise/stamina and the mastery gem in your boots to expertise/mastery or expertise/haste. Until you get to 15% expertise, expertise should be in everything.
Fantastic thanks :)

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