Armageddon or Despair?

Death Knight
For Judgement set recolor? I know despair matches it perfect but for bad !@# factor... I love how big armageddon is.. Also Tauren or Orc for cosmetics?


Edit: Armageddon is too huge for either race. It clips the floor. Despair is perfect size.
I'm what Armageddon on a Tauren looks like, FZUCKING MASSIVE.
Go puny orc if you want to. However, bigger is always better. And you can't get much bigger than a Tauren.

In all seriousness though, I'd roll one of each race on different servers and take them through the starting area. By the time you get done, you should have a feel for how each race looks in the armor, and the animations they use and then decide which one you prefer. Mine is obviously Tauren, but Orc is a pretty good choice as well imo and their racials are a lot better.

Edit: Shoot, you don't even need to really go through the entire starting area, just to the point where you get a weapon and can use it on some poor farmers.

And as far as the weapons, I'd go with Armageddon because of the size and because I think it looks a bit grittier than Despair.

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