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I am wondering if it is against tos to sell the RAF mount cause there is some guys spamming it in trade chat on drenden us alliance..i have reported it and they are still doing it
Right click on his line of chat and report for spam as 99% of the time, yes it is a scam and those perpetrating it use stolen credit cards to do this. The mount is also considered an out of game item so you cannot sell it for in-game gold or items without risking losing your own account.
RaF requires someone to spend real money (to buy the game and buy game time) so any of its benefits (including the mount) cannot be sold for gold. It's against the rules.

And most of those offers are scams where they take your gold but never deliver on their offer.

Just rt click their name and report spam.
thats what I was hoping someomne would say..cause I am not about to risk my account...I have worked to hard on my account to compromise it..lo

Thanks for the info

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