Wings/Horns swap

Why not have demon wings for > 50% demonic fury and demon horns from glyph of demon hunting? The horns look out of place without the wings, and make more sense on a tank'esque (aggro) glyph.

A swap would be a simple change of two lines or values in the coding (or more depending on how everything's setup!)... Regardless... I still think it would fit mo betta.

I'd rather have the wings from the DA glyph be a separate minor glyph instead. Just make it a glyph that gives you both the wings and the horns on a toggle ability, no CD, minor glyph slot.
That would be the better option. Not forcing either on the player.
I'd actually like it if the forms were swapped, i.e with the DA glyph you would be a permanent huge purple demon and meta-form would be the warlock/demon hybrid.
Slightly off-topic: macro "BAN...KAI" into Meta and see how many people you can piss off in LFR.

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