[RP] The First Whisper

Emerald Dream
Pythes couldn’t sleep. This wasn’t unusual for him; he had trouble calming down enough to sleep typically. Too much weighing on his mind. But tonight was different. There was something else heavy on his shoulders, though he wasn't sure what. Karma Police was in fine form; he had even felt the balance beginning to right itself for the first time in awhile. His elite strike force was getting old, but replacements would come in time. No, he couldn't quite put his finger on what was wrong. He sighed, rolled out of bed and donned his robe. Maybe a drink at the pub would clear his head.

His feet strode softly across the worn cobblestone. The moon shined brightly overhead, seeming to illuminate the guild hall as he passed it. As he walked past the door, he heard a voice. A voice so soft, it easily could have been mistaken for the wind.
“There is one in here who is not welcome. He has forced his way in. He seeks to take from you,” the voice whispered in Pythes’ ear.

Pythes spun around, expecting to see someone behind him. But instead he saw just an empty street. Looking around warily for the source of the voice, Pythes continued walking.
“He will escape with it!” It whispered again
Again, Pythes looked around frantically for the source of the voice, but found no one.
“This lack of sleep is really getting to me.” He murmured to himself, shaking his head, “But I guess it couldn't hurt to check the hall quickly, just in case.”
Turning back to the guild hall door, he entered.

The only sound inside was the soft snoring of those who had decided to spend the night in the guest bunks. Pythes grabbed the torch from next to the front door and held it high. Nothing out of the ordinary leapt out at him. Shrugging he continued to look around, finding nothing unusual. He opened the door to his office and held the torch high. Again, nothing. He closed the door and headed for the exit when the voice whispered to him again.
“No, no! Back behind that door! The one who doesn’t belong!” it hissed.
Without looking for a source this time, Pythes headed back to his office, slamming the door open. As the door banged against the wall, he heard a squeal and a curse in a different tongue. Throwing his torch into the fireplace, he closed the door and held a menacing hand up at the small figure crouched near the wall.

“Owwwwww” A tiny goblin in all black lay clutching his crooked nose as blood spilled out of it. In his hand was a crumpled piece of parchment.
“Vuz dat wewwy necessawy?” It moaned in common through it’s cupped hands. Between the heavy accent and the nasally voice, Pythes could barely understand it.
“How did you get in here?” Pythes demanded, not lowering his hands “What do you want?”

The goblin smirked, lowering his hands. “Look here sonny, why don’t you and yer fancy dress just move on aside and let me and this pretty little intel leave in peace eh? Then I don’t have to get yer blood er’rywhere”
Pythes smiled dangerously. “Or….” A shadow wrapped itself around one of his hands “…you could tell me what you want before this turns ugly for you”
The goblin smirked even wider, and fingered one of his daggers. With lightning speed he threw it at Pythes’ throat. It bounced harmlessly off the air a half a foot away from Pythes.

The priest winked “Fine then, have it your way” and clenched his right fist. A beam of opaque blackness exploded out of Pythes’ hand and connected itself to the Goblin’s temple. He dropped the paper and fell to his knees, grunting in pain.
“Leave this place!” Pythes boomed “Never return, give back what you took and I will spare your life. I have no stomach for senseless killing tonight”
“Alright!....Alright! Have it your way” The goblin moaned. Pythes opened his hand and the beam disappeared. The creature got shakily to his feet and began to move toward the door.

“This is not the last you’ve seen of me. I will not return to my home until I’ve retrieved what I was sent for.” The Goblin’s hand rested on the door latch.
“Return here, and you will die quickly.” Pythes said sternly, his eyes locked on the tiny Goblin.

“Do not let him leave!” The voice was back, whispering urgently in Pythes’ ear. “He will kill your guildmates in their sleep, to let him leave is to risk their lives!”
Pythes considered it. The voice had yet to lead him wrong tonight. In fact, it may have helped him save some important intel.
As Pythes was considering what to do, he failed to notice a faint wisp of shadow begin to creep up his ankles, though he had not yet called upon it.
“I suppose so…” he murmured “I cannot risk my guildmates for this useless rogue. What is his life to theirs?”
“Exactly!” The voice hissed in his ear, the shadow now climbing up to Pythes waist. “Do not take this chance”

All this time, the Goblin was slowly opening the door, his eyes locked on the shadow crawling up Pythes’s legs, that seemed to have a mind of his own. Just as he ripped open the door to make a run for it, Pythes hand shot out once again and the Goblind found himself immobilized.
Now completely shrouded in shadow, Pythes voice took on a deeper, more sinister tone.
“I’m sorry rogue. But you will not leave here tonight alive.”
Thrusting both hands forward, two spikes of pure shadow drove themselves into the Goblin’s head. He twisted violently and collapsed in a lifeless heap to the ground.

Still shrouded in darkness, Pythes stepped over to the corpse, and with a wave of his hand, sent it spinning into the fireplace. Ignoring the immolated body, he picked up the now ripped parchment the Goblin had been clutching. Opening it, Pythes sighed with relief.
“Thank goodness he didn't escape with this” Pythes said to himself.
As he went to put it back to his desk, his head suddenly cocked to the side, as if listening to something. Smiling, he turned away and headed for the front door. He nailed the top half of the parchment to the guild hall door and crumpled up the other half. He then turned, and walked back down the street toward his home, whistling a merry tune, still shrouded completely in shadow.
The torn parchment blew gently in the wind. It reads:

From the desk of Pythes of Karma Police.

Under Order 42, it is decreed that those deemed a threat to the balance shall not enter the Eastern Kingdoms, Outlands, or Pandaria, with or without the proper documents, under penalty of death. Soldiers of Karma Police will receive one hundred gold pieces for the heads of any violators.
Offenders that fall under this decree:

Those flying under the banner of the fel being known as the Orcworm

The rest of the parchment is ripped and illegible.
If only you knew the truth behind this Orcworm, Pythes.
If only you knew the truth behind this Orcworm, Pythes.

I'm certain I will continue to learn more in time.
Though I promise Pythes has not yet felt the taint of His presence as Vedma and Sytho have
Not in this post anyway
Plots with in plots. All of the darkness we are currently seeing has to be related. It has to be, somehow.
Plots with in plots. All of the darkness we are currently seeing has to be related. It has to be, somehow.

((I remember hearing something of a clan of dwarves unearthing some lost artifact from the floors of the Undercity. Shortly after the Wyrm began to gain power in these lands. Coincidence?))

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