Everything on Cooldown Ability name?

Death Knight
trying to find the name of a DK ability Im not sure what it is.. im fairly fairly sure its an ability a DK Does even if im not casting a spell even happens on my rogue (whos only 85 atm) a DK does something and puts everything on CD not sure the name of the ability...

Anyway dk hits me doesn't come up in my combat log all my stuff is on CD (and remember im not casting) thanks in advance id just like to read up on this ability to find otu how to better fight against dks. cause apparently it doesn't
just effect spell casters.

Probably a strangulate, asphyxiate, or mind freeze.
Probably a strangulate, asphyxiate, or mind freeze.

I have not used Asphyxiate, but i'm sure strangulate and mind freeze only work on spells, and would do nothing to a rogue.

Asphyxiate however sounds like it might be right. I can test it when my rogue friend logs on
Appreciate the help... Looking to find out how stuff works... and I needed a place to start. Thanks again! (next option was to start on DK myself :P )
Asphyxiate, Remorseless Winter, Ghoul Stun.

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