<H> Government LF Weekend Raiders, Plus

Area 52
Government <level 25> is an adult guild new to Area 52. We are currently accepting members of any level and play style who share a friendly attitude and a desire to experience game content while having fun.

Although we consider raiding our primary focus, it is not a requirement, however we do enjoy all aspects of the game together. We will always welcome the right individuals.

We only have two rules:

1. All members must be over age 18.
2. Don't bring any drama to our guild.

Due to relocating to Area 52 we are currently rebuilding our 10 man ToT raid team with the intent of filling our vacant core spots.

On off raid nights we will be running 5.0 and earlier raids for transmog, achieves, etc.

ToT Raid times are : Friday and Saturday 8pm till 10pm server (EST)

We provide repairs, gems, etc for all guild members.

If interested just whisper any member for an invite.
We also like cookies!

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