Need help with healing

Hey everyone. I have never healed before. I was leveling up as Ret and recently switched to Holy Paladin to try healing.
Did my first dungeon today as a healer and used Grid for clicking heals. My questions is
1) Should I try to dps when the health of the team members are relatively stable? Or will it waste my mana?
2) I used grid and basically bound heals to click, right-click, used modifiers etc., Is there any better addons than grid and/or is there a better way to do it?
3) I would also like to do casual pvp. Any tips?
4) I am leveling my toon as holy now? Is it kind of okay or should i switch to ret for leveling up.

Thanks in advance.
1) If you feel you have enough mana for the encounter to keep everyone healthy and dps, feel free

2) I really like grid, Healbot and Vuhdo are the two other popular alternatives. I prefer grid as long as you configure correctly, out of the box it's not great.

3) Not really lol

4) not sure about lower levels, but it was ok until I hit 88 or so, then it really dragged. I leveled as ret in wrath so I'm pretty out of touch.
Rather than clicking on the party members frame through grid you might try using mouseover macro's. They allow you to hover your mouse over the frame of the person you want to cast on and when you hit your key for that spell it will cast. Like i hover over tank and press 1 (which has the macro) for flash of light and it casts on him, NO CLICKING!

#showtooltip flash of light
/console Sound_EnableSFX 0
/target [@mouseover]
/cast [@mouseover, help] [] flash of light; flash of light
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()
/console Sound_EnableSFX 1

is the generic mouseover macro, type /macro in game to bring up the interface, make a new macro, leave the ICON as the big red question mark, give it the name of the spell you want then past in the above macro into the text of it.

Breakdown of how that macro works

/showtooltip will change the ICON to the appropriate spell and make it so when you hover the macro on your action bar it will display the correct tooltip information for the spell.

/sfx0 turns off the "i can't cast that yet" "i don't have a target" etc thing that your character SAYS if you can't actually cast the spell, like if you're jamming the keys fast and you hit the button before the GCD resets. makes spells less annoying.

/target [@mouseover] will change your current TARGET to whoever you just moused over just liike if you had actually CLICKED on their frame, handy if you're using an aura monitoring addon like TellMeWhen to track duration of say Eternal Flame on your current TARGET. For spells like Beacon of Light use /focus [@mouseover] so whoever you beacon will automatically become your focus target.

/cast [@mouseover, help] [] spell name; spell name this will cast the spell on whoever your MOUSE CURSOR is currently hovering over ONLY if they're a friendly target [help] the empty bracket will allow you to still cast the spell if you don't have a mouseover, or are not targetting anything, OR if you have an ENEMY target under your mouse, works great with the interface option "auto selfcast on" it'll cast the spell on yourself if you are targetting an enemy, the DOUBLE spell name like "spell name; spell name" is necessary, first spell name applies to the first set of bracketed conditions, second spell name is for the second bracket.

/script UIerrorsFrameClear that gets rid of the RED TEXT in your screen if you try to do something you can't the "YOU CANT DO THAT YET" "THAT ABILITY IS NOT READY YET" etc TEXT that appears on your screen

/sfx 1 that just turns the sfx back on

All you need to do is change the spell name for each macro and for Beacon of Light make it /focus instead of /target

Hope it helps and there's probably still a 15 sec video of how it works with my r.druid if you youtube search.... Bogwalker Healing UI.... if you can't find it search my youtube acct Cleric670 and it should be there somewhere
1) Sure, if you can. At low levels you can denounce/holy shock for decent damage but don't forget to actually heal!

2) Although I appreciate the effort that Iylia put into that post, you can just get Clique which handles all the mouseovers for you. You go through your spellbook and assign keybinds to everything and the pick how to cast, you want "hovercast" to make them mouseover. I don't target my heal target and maintain the boss as my target so I can do things like Holy Prism the boss to heal melee.

Also, the focus beacon macro only works if you have a focus set and that's where you want the beacon to go. In a raiding situation you're moving your beacon around so having it set to focus is unhelpful.

I use Vuhdo with Clique but Grid works fine. Pick what you like there.

3) Do some bgs!! Remember to use all your hand spells especially Hand of Freedom on people that are slowed and Hand of Protection on casters that are being focused. Remember to bubble if YOU get focused and Denounce the crap out of warriors. There's obviously a lot more to it than that but if you're doing super low level just remember to bind and use all the buttons you have. I'm pretty crap at pvp so I'm no good for high level stuff but for casual whatever just play around.

4) I'd level as ret. Things just die faster and you have enough self healing to not make it feel punishing. Up to you though!
Yep Lucydin is spot on.

Clique is an AMAZINGLY SIMPLE addon for mouseovers, DEFINITELY recommend it for anyone who doesn't feel comfortable with macro's. It does tend to "glitch out" for a few days after a major patch until it's author makes an update but the guy is really fast about fixing it if it is broken.

One of the awesome things about Clique is that you can make mouseover's with your Mousebutton4-5 buttons, the wow interface does NOT allow you to mouseover macro with those side buttons.
Thank you both for the replies. It really helped me a lot.

I am planning to level till 30 using holy and then switch to Ret for leveling. I usually don't enable the nameplates of allies, but i think i have to do it for healing while in BG's to keep track of the health and all. So much confusing to see just nameplates all around me :)

Also, one thing i noticed is that since we have the cleanse ability which also dispels, is there any addon which alerts if we can dispel enemy buffs?

When i bound abilities to clique and did mouse-over grid, they seem not to be working. Not sure why. Is it because in my actionbar i have bound different abilities to the same keys. Should you not bind the keys used for clique in your actionbars?

I removed those keybinds from my actionbars and they now seem to be working. Only issue is that when i target an enemy it works only if i hover over his unitframe. It does not work if i target him and cast my spell :(
The way mouseovers work (by design) is to hover your mouse over the unit frame or raid frame in clique/vuhdo/stock ui instead of having to do the extra step of first selecting the target then casting the spell. It's a time saver and thus allows you to heal more efficiently. If you want to select a target then heal it, the clique setting you want is 'global' although I strongly encourage you to use raid frames and mouseovers.
Leveling as holy went by really fast for me actually. Things die really fast, and you never die because you can just heal yourself forever.

In dungeons I did a little DPS here and there when everyone wasn't taking damage, but that doesn't last long as you level up and you actually have to start doing things.

As for add-ons I use vuhdo and it's pretty good. It took a little while to set up, but I used a guide and it's nice. Tells me where people are if they are out of range too which is useful. It's a lot better than healbot for debuffs and things like that as well.

Comes down to preference though, a lot of people prefer grid+clique...although grid got upgraded think there's grid2 now. But i like vuhdo myself.
1) Currently at 90, I found at lower gear levels you don't have the mana to dps while keeping people up. Now though with higher gear (and other party members also having higher gear), I find myself dpsing more than healing, lol! So I would say as long as there is little healing required and you can sustain your mana while putting out some damage, feel free!

2) I personally use Healbot for healing, but both Vuhdo and Grid (plus Clique I believe) work well. As long as you can cast the heals on people without first manually clicking on them you will be able to get heals out faster. Get whichever addon you feel most comfortable with.

3) I don't pvp a bunch but have on occasion. Pretty much here you will rely on Holy shock, Word of Glory/Eternal Flame, and Flash of Light. I tend to put Beacon of Light on myself to keep a steady stream of healing on me while healing others. Use your Hand spells a lot! Hammer of Justice/Fist of Justice is very useful especially on those annoying melee hitting you). Denounce an enemy so they can't crit you or a group member also is helpful. Devotion aura (when you get it) or Bubble, if you want to be able to cast without worrying about being interrupted.

4) I leveled to 80 (during Wrath) mainly as holy while healing dungeons with a few quest thrown in as ret. Leveled to 85 (during Cata) as ret with dungeons as holy. I hated ret so decided to try leveling 85-90 as holy. Healers definitely have an easier time leveling outside of dungeons now than they did previously. I have second spec set up purely for dps as holy. Its all about the glyphs you pick. Glyph Holy Shock, Harsh Words and Denounce. Holy shock on CD, Harsh Words (Word of Glory) at 3hp and denounce to fill will do pretty well. Will be slower than ret but if you find you don't like ret its a good alternative.

Also, one thing i noticed is that since we have the cleanse ability which also dispels, is there any addon which alerts if we can dispel enemy buffs?

Our Cleanse only works to remove debuffs (magic, poison, disease) on friendly players and not enemy buffs. I like to use Decursive to show dispelable debuffs.

Have fun!

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