498 ilvl Mage LF Raiding Spot/Guild

I'm looking for a raiding spot and/or guild to join. I'm not getting to raid anything new where I'm at now. I took a three month break when Heart of Fear was still current. I currently have cleared HoF once and have not been in ToT normals at all. Heroic progression isn't necessary, but I would like to get some normals done in Heart of Fear and Throne of Thunder.

Here is the link to my armory, and I'm working on fixing my gear with the right gems and enchants since I just came back. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/blackrock/K%C3%A1leey/advanced
Lush is a 25man semi-hardcore Horde raiding guild on Blackrock. We are currently 9/12N and raid from 6-10 PST Tuesday-Thursday. We run an EPGP loot sytem.

We started raiding as a 25 man this tier as an amalgamation of several guilds. We are a group of fun loving but serious raiders that like to take !@#$ down but have fun while doing it. As a member of Lush you are expected to know your class and role and how to adapt it to each fight prior to raid. You are also expected to keep up on boss strategies and regularly check the guild website where guild specific strategies and other important guild info is posted. Since we came together under Lush’s banner we have consistently progressed and continue to do so. We expect to be pushing heroics in the next 1-2 weeks. In our off time there are groups that do arenas, challenge modes, dungeons, dailies and all sorts of other in-game activities. We have specific needs as far as class composition goes but are looking for highly skilled players of any class/role as well.

To apply please visit wearelush.enjin.com or for more information you can contact Sawii, Ainen, Vespetta, Madwick, or Aavva in game or on the website. We hope to hear from you about the awesomeness you can bring us.


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