new to server looking for guild.

Just transfered my characters from another realm. Have a 507 mage, 507 warlock, 499 ele shaman, and also a shadow priest. Couple of friends will be transfering with me. Looking for a guild that does raids and is working on progression but is full of non douchey people. Want progression but want to have fun while doing it. Please let me know of any guilds that are recruiting.
The evolved is recruiting we are a 25man raiding guild if you are interested you can look up my post everything is there and anymore info you can add me to real id sweetstar87#1635 or whisper me in game we raid at 8pm server time trying to get maybe 2 25man raiding teams in Tues and wed 500 on Tues and 496 on wed we also do toes and sat is a 10man group we are family and friends guild we get a long very well very active and constructive guild. More the merrier. Hope to hear from you soon ;)

We're recruiting for 1 tank, and 2 RDPS as we are currently phasing out a few guild members that need to quit due to real life. We raid 10 man TOT on Tues and Thurs from 7-10pm PST. We're fun, competent, great people.. and some of us have been raiding together for a long time. I think we share the same attitude. Let's have fun, low drama, but also lets make the best of our time together and not be total f-tw4ts. I think its also good to note that we are mostly older players with outside lives.

Please hit me up in game Xtasia#1806 as I'd love to hear more about you and your friends.

Welcome to Lightbringer!
- Ivy
we are in need of a lock, wisper me in ga,e king#1173
TLM 7/12 lookin for a decent ranged dps. You could possibly be a good fit talk to Galodred, Boneshatter,Meowqt,or Wylowe in game so we can chat.

We raid tues/wed/thur 6-9 server
Hello Jaxs,

<Melts in Your Mouth> is currently recruiting a Warlock for our 10M core raid group. We are 16/16N & 3/16H in 5.0 content and 5/12 in ToT and looking to clear normal modes and get into heroics as soon as possible. We raid 9pm to 12am PST Tuesday, Wednesday, & Sunday. If you are interested message me in game DarkWarrior#1392.
<Max threat> Is a 25 man raiding guild that is in need of some reliable players to raid 2 days a week.We are a laid back raiding guild that has been around for since BC some go back to vanilla.

List of needs

Resto shammy x1 high
Resto druid x1 high
Holly pally x1 medium

Tank with dps
Blood dk with os DPS x1 medium
Prot pally with os DPS x1 medium

Boomkin x1 medium
Shadow priest x1 medium

DPS- Mele
Rogue x1 Low
Ret pally x1 Low
Monk x1 Low

Will also consider any class not listed.

Raid times
7-10pm server (West Coast Time)
9-12pm (Central Time)
10pm-1am (East coast time)

Raid days

If you are looking for a laid back friendly guild that raids 2 night a week an think that we are what you are looking for.

Go to Can see what our guild is about an apt to the guild.

Or add our battle tag
Hey Jaxs,

I would be curious to know how many people you are attempting to bring over, as well as their class/spec, and if they wanted to be raiders, or if they wanted to just join for alt runs/etc. Are you the only raider with the group?

Tango Down is currently 8/12 and we are seeking 1 awesome warlock, as well as a DPS with a healing off spec (if one of your friends could fill those shoes).

We are a progression guild, and we do seek exceptional players, but as you say; we like to have fun while we do it. For a better break down of what we are about, you can check out our recruitment post:

If you are interested in talking a bit more, please feel free to question here, there, or anywhere :) no srsly, do contact us if you have any interest, and as long as your group isn't like 5 people trying to come in and raid, as our raid spots are currently slightly limited to two full time raiders D:

<Endgame> is a 10 man guild recruiting heals and dps to transition to 25 man content. We have need of healers/dps and are currently 6/12 in progression on 10 man mode.

Our raid times are Tues/Wed 630-10pm server. We anticipate being 25 man operational in the next week or two and have close to enough alt toons to run a second 10 man.

If you think we could work together towards a common goal, feel free to pm me via Verberos#1700.

Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.
Hi Jaxs,

<From Behind> is a level 25 Alliance guild on Lightbringer that is looking to try to create a 10m core raiding team. We've got people from all walks of life (Including some active Australians who make raids on the weekends!) and are adult-oriented. We're a respectful bunch and want to make sure that we create an environment in which our members feel safe to be who they are, ask questions if they're curious, as well as ask for help if they need or want.

We've been running ToT LFR as a group, and because we're still filling our 10m team, I've been putting together a T14 group to progress through normal and hard modes. We're a pretty fun bunch with lots of jokes and laughing, but we work cohesively together to try to figure out how to kill bosses.

Check out for any additional information and don't hesitate to ask questions. Thanks for considering us!
<Remnant> is wanting to field a weekend raid for weekend raiders. It's mostly experienced raiders alts.

Schedule would be Friday-Saturday 6-9 PM server times.

If interested, just post up or contact any of the officers!

Good luck in your search!
Hi, Jaxs. Spurious is new to the realm as well, and we are a raiding guild that has a great community of nice players who want to progress in a friendly environment. Most of our members are older working adults in their 20s, 30s, and some 40s (though they will not admit to it). We raid Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday 7:00-10:00PM PST. We are currently 2/12 HM but close on dino boss!

We're looking for some more people, both for the core raid team and just people who want to hang around and do old content, achievements, etc. We could never find enough people on Echo Isles interested in that type of thing, and it's something our members really hope to achieve on our new server. My realID is orbits#1106, but feel free to chat with any of our members (beware of shortpow's grammar!). I hope to hear from you soon!

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