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Hey guys, I am having some trouble doing the Dark Summoner boss in the Brawler's Guild. I have tried two different strategies and both have kind of flopped.

The first is that I would burn ToD on the first ghost and burn all the CD's to drop the boss as low as I could in the first couple of seconds that I could. But then I get overwhelmed with ghosts after a bit.

The second was keeping a clone on the boss at all times while I attack the ghosts. The only problem with this was the amount of damage actually going out is lower so ghosts are dying somewhat slower. So if I don't kill them fast enough I will get overwhelmed this way.

How did you guys handle this boss? Also any pointers/tips?
I killed ghosts as they came in.

Currently on disruptor to finish off r8 =(
Killed Ghosts as they came in.

I can't remember my exact strategy, unfortunately.
I am killing the ghosts as they spawn/when it is convenient this time around, but I am getting some of the crappiest RNG. I had one spawn directly behind me and killed me mid roll. sigh

Probably should be weaving more healing spheres in as well. The afterlife glyph is really nice so far!
My strat was to interrupt the first Shadow Bolt, then use Touch of Death on the first ghost, and then pop all cooldowns.

Stack up 10-20 charges of Tigereye Brew before the fight starts.

I only killed ghosts when the debuff on Dark Summoner wore off and trapped the other ghosts in the beam. With this strat the enrage really isn't a problem, but there are more ghosts so use extra caution.

If I remember correctly I only needed to kill 3 ghosts before Dark Summoner died and there were 3-4 ghosts alive.

Bind backpedal if you don't have it bound, it actually helps a lot by letting you back up while keeping the beam in the same position.

You probably shouldn't need to use Healing Spheres if you are interrupting Shadow Bolts, using Chi Wave on cooldown, and using expel harm when it will heal you for its full amount.

The fight does take a little bit of RNG to get good ghost spawns so you can line them up properly.
I was enjoying the brawlers guild fights right up until this one. Its 100% RNG 0% skill. Blizzard really screwed up this one :(.
Gear matters. If you don't have enough dps to quickly down ghosts then you will be overwhelmed. Just run some dungeons or something, and come back to it when you have some more gear.
I remember running into a gear wall for yikkan, I couldn't down the ravens fast enough to keep from getting overwhelmed, but then I ran RF, got myself some gear, and beat him.
I's stuck on summoner too, its just a gear wall.
My suggestion to you is go BrM for that fight. I can't tell you how many times I struggled with that fight as Windwalker. I tried everything, but RNG and too many ghost at times just killed me.

As soon as I went BrM, Keg smash REALLY helps take down ghosts faster because of vengeance from the summoner. Also spec Rushing Jade Wind for more AoE. Chi Wave for heals and what not. It's the only fight BrM excels. ^_^
I was enjoying the brawlers guild fights right up until this one. Its 100% RNG 0% skill. Blizzard really screwed up this one :(.

A bad spawn from RNG can ruin an otherwise good attempt, but add management and positioning is the most important factor. I think it was actually one of the more skill-dependent fights.

Building up tigerseye stacks beforehand helps but isn't totally necessary. I remember glyphing Touch of Death, Sparring, Spinning Fire Blossom and Blackout Kick.

Pre-pot, burn down the first Ghost and start on the boss. Use an Earth, Storm and Fire clone on one ghost at a time. The second ghost should die with that before the bosses shield goes up. If not, finish it off with targeted SFB. Use paralysis when a ghost is a threat. Keep Touch of Death ready for emergencies or when he's shielded without a ghost around at low health. If you can get away without using it on a ghost, it'll be nice to have as an execute.

Biggest thing is don't panic if ghosts start piling up a bit. Be patient, stay positioned well, rotate defensive CDs and do as much damage as you can. Your DPS is important, but nowhere near as important as staying in control. Just takes practice!

You'll still have great attempts where he decides to spawn a ghost on top of you but keep at it and you'll down him. Come back the next day if you get frustrated. This fight can be painful, but it's a rewarding one to beat.
This fight is currently not possible as a warrior in ANY spec. PLEASE FIX.
Nice necro

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