Are you guys still recruiting? I am looking for a new home for my mage. I have experience in 11/12 ToT on my (once was) main. I was a brewmaster monk, and am looking for a change of pace. I can pass you the details on my monk if you'd like to see that I have killed bosses.
Hello Addanas,

We are still looking for a mage at this time. I'm online now and will be into the evening if you'd like to add my battletag.
I was wrong about being online into the evening; I will be gone for a few hours. In the meantime, feel free to contact VinylScratch#1924.
Lei Shen is dead!
I have fresh cookies.
Need more pew pew
Holy paladin's, where are you?
if I gear up will you guys recruit me
Bump for good friends!
You're far to sweet Prom =P
I've just recently returned to WoW and have been searching for a casual raiding guild to help act as a backup for since. I've missed quite a lot of MoP but I've been raiding on/off since Vanilla. I'm rocking my holly pally these days if you're still looking


PS. I would faction change.
475 is far too low for what we're looking for, sorry man.
Still looking for that elusive holy pally
Updated to reflect current recruiting needs.
Why would you want a rogue? Rogues suck
Small updated: Still looking for a rogue, frost DK, have a holydin at long last! (Willing to take a second in fact ^.^) Need another healer: Druid, Monk, Shaman preferred.
Ranged pewpew, Rampage wants you! Also, now recruiting casual/social players.
Need more range plox.
Animus down!

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