Range DPS plox
Need a few awesome ranged pewpew!
Candy for ranged dps.
Do you pvp aswell?
Iron Qon and Twins down! Looking for a few more ranged to smack Lei Shen around and push into heroics.
Looking to Resto Druid but would accept a resto sham or monk.
Looking for Resto Druid/sham/monk
Lei Shen ONE SHOT! That's right, we were so scary that he just fell over the first time he saw us.
Starting Heroics. Need a healer.
Our healing team is awesome! You know you wanna join it. :-D

Also, I only bite people who are being mean to my healers. /growl
Starting Heroic Progression
Looking to join a progression minded guild. ilvl is 520 atm. The guild I am in currently is stuck on Meg so I am currently 4/12 ToT normal. Willing to server transfer.
Forttress, we have actually filled our healing roster (I'm sorry I didn't see this sooner---BattleTag is really the best way to contact us). If you want to go ahead and add me, I might be able to talk options with you, but if you'd rather look at other guilds, you might get into raids sooner and more frequently.

Also, Jin'rokh down on Heroic, folks!

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