<Perseverance> is looking for...everything :P

We're a brand new guild, founded by a few friends who are tired of being in guilds with hundreds of members that sit around and do nothing at all. We're looking for all kinds of players who get in all sorts of shenanigans. We're into old school runs, achieves, & transmog, and also interested in progression for current tier content.


Current ambitions?

-Gain active, consistent, social members. We're not talking about spending your life on wow, or spending 100% of your time logged in doing guild stuff. Just take an active interest in our little community. Do silly things with us from time to time. Or just chat while doing your own thing. Enjoy yourself.

-Level up the guild. Clearly this is an obvious one. No one wants to hang out forever in a guild without all the perks. What's life without Mass Resurrection? Yeah, ew.

-fill out a 10-man progression roster, hoping for:
*Resto druid & Shaman -- either with a dps os
*Hunter of any spec
*Prot warrior
To run both 5.1 & 5.2 content. So if you fell behind, are undergeared, etc. No worries here. :)
We will also help you gear up and be raid ready.
(Tues/Thurs nights, times TBD. Will be ending before midnight server most probably)

Also in search of someone who wants to lead an RBG team and help recruit for that.


Feel free to send me an in-game mail with any questions. :)

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